Wednesday, January 12, 2005

This work thing sucks

I have been too busy with work stuff this morning. That bites. I think what has me a bit more ticked about it was that I had something good to say this morning. Now it is gone. It could have been an earth shattering comment. Or it could have been some useless drivel I thought was funny while I was taking a couple of pulls off a bottle of wine last night.

But I think I can salvage this effort. Dave, of All Things Dave notoriety, had a couple of more comments including one extremely tough question. One is too tough to answer accurately. Yes, I said that. Can't necessarily be answered to a definite point. And I will prove that case.

Dave wants to know what you should drink when playing poker, if one should drink at all. The answer to the latter is obvious. Why wouldn't you drink when playing poker? And if there is anyone out there that just stuck their nose in the air saying "I don't drink". Leave. Now. If you don't drink then you don't play poker. And if you play poker, then you need to start drinking. If not, you are the table buzzkill. Poker is supposed to be fun.

Nuff said.

But what do you have poured in that tumbler to tempt the taste buds and awaken the mind? For that, there is no definitive answer. I could defer to the some of the masters who I believe provide fantastic answers. Iggy, the blogfather, would answer Guinness. Who am I to argue with a man of such high standing? Another,
Al would quickly say Southern Comfort. The entire bottle. For the first hour. Then you bring another. BadBlood may answer Heineken.
Linda would probably tell you to drink wine.

I would say either Lite beer from Miler or Maker's and ginger. Depends how long I intend to play and whether the casino has Maker's Mark. I can plow down Lite until the cows come home. It will let me keep my senses and not get me too blitzed. The Maker's and ginger will get the buzz going but it is a nice mellow drink. You don't slam those down like water. But once we hit the wee hours in the morning, I may switch to Bailey's and coffee. A caffeine kick at 5 in the morning is needed to keep the game going (just don't let the Bellagio see you walk out with their coffee glasses).

It is all about having a good time. Yeah, those pros will say you shouldn't drink, but they need to make a living at it. I am just another guy playing here and there and just enjoying the game.

But should you play drunk? Depends on your definition of drunk. Buzzed up? Comfortably numb having reached that plateau where it seems you just can't get drunker and still have the control of your arms? Or falling out of your chair and slobbering about how your aces were just cracked by the Hammer?

I do pretty well hooched up. Some of my better sessions come from playing as I come home from the bar. Maybe it is because I am willing to bluff a bit more or I just want to ram and jam.

Does that work Dave?


Ignatious said...

great post.

damn, i love playing drunker than a skunk. getting blatantly loaded at the tables always gets me action. :)

AlCantHang said...

Amen to the blogfather.

Playing loaded gets you more action than showing down the hammer.

All Things Dave said...

First of all I am appalled that any man would drink Miller Lite or any light beer for that matter. Lite beer is drunk by babes along with cosmopolitans. Geez, next thing you know I will see posts about that new "Desparate Housewives" show.

Secondly, I say playing ring games on PokerStars when the stakes are 0.05/0.10 is the way to go when one is drunk to the bejesus belt. Don't forget to add plenty of trash talk to the table.

However, playing in a tournament or at a buddy's house (assuming it is a tough table and the stakes are "not cheap") requires one to be "in the zone". This means a nice, even relaxed buzz. Venture out of the zone to the left and you will play like a tightwad. Venture out of the zone to the right and you won't even have cabfare to get your drunken butt home.

Same goes for golf. Waste of time to play sober but if you get too wasted you will spray golf balls all over the course.

All Things Dave said...

I have proudly added a link to your site on my site.

We must thing of people who drink, play poker and struggle with the work/life balance.

Your site never mentions tequila. I feel an article on it is in order. In my mind, tequila is a drug and not true booze. Of all my college memories the ones I have forgotten involved tequila.

Of course now that I am working for the man and work often with Mexico I have elevated my taste in tequila.

I seek direction from "While Drinking". Would a column on tequila be of benefit to the free world.

I also pose a question to you. More like a plea. I have no idea what type or size of flask to buy. I live where it is going to be ungodly freezing outside. If I have to go out to buy human food or cat food ( I also have a cat [spoiled at that]) and would appreciate any and all advice.

Plus where to keep a flask. In your car? In your coat. The good drinking people need to know.

Hope to see you at the table soon.

Take care.

BadBlood said...

Man, you nailed the Heineken thing straight on the head. Howdja know? :)

Sean said...

Bombay Sapphire. Lots of Bombay Sapphire.