Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hey Packer fans, look at the bright side (for maybe a few of you)

Yeah, no one wants to see their football season end. Especially to a rival who moons you. But let's look at the bright side. 32 of the self proclaimed "best fans in the world" were kicked out while another 15 were arrested. You know what that means? There could be as many as 47 new season ticket holders next year. See, it ain't the end of the world.

Just like Randy Moss acting like he was mooning the crowd is not a big deal. But the media wanted to make is so. According to the fine boys on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, FOX nor ESPN would replay the fake mooning. Suddenly, some faking a moon is above FOX standards and ethics? Who's Your Daddy is fine family television according to FOX. But it gets better. On NFL Live, Sean Salisbury and Mike Golic are ranting about how inappropriate, childish and classless it was. As one of them said, "How do I am explain that to my child?". Easy. Your kid was probably laughing his ass off. It was childish right? He got it. He is not the one traumatized by this. It is the talking heads on TV that found something else to blab about for a couple of days. No one was crying, going hysterical at the fake mooning. Maybe, the fans in that end zone didn't quite like it but if that was a Packer doing the same thing in Minnesota, Chicago, or even Dallas, they would be loving it.

Moss should have been penalized the fifteen yards (yep Wig) for extensive celebration. Any fine he gets will be a joke. And it will not stop the clowns like him or Owens from doing it again. Let's drop it already.

And to clarify a couple things for Dave, All Things Dave, I do drink gin and vodka on occasion. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago I was seen quaffing a number of TnTs at the pub to protest a friend drinking rail gin and tonic. I still shudder at the thought of rail gin. As for vodka and martinis, I am not a martini drinker. I can't even remember the last time I drank one that wasn't after a football game and was dirty. But in that event, it is Skyy vodka that goes in the dirty martini. And I won't comment on the flask. But I will say good job in the SnG! Go read my other site, Milwaukee Poker Tales. Link is on the top right. Project SnG was a success. C'mon over to Pokerroom and let's go at it on the tables!


James Wigderson said...

you over-capitalized yuppie. Skyy vodka? If it's from California, it's crap!

StB said...

This is the south side of Milwaukee. It is either Skyy or some fake Russian name rail. What do you expect, a freezer full of Stoli?

All Things Dave said...

Not familiar with Pokerroom

My buds and I play at PokerStars.

I highly recommend PokerStars.

Never play poker when you are any of the following:

1) Drunk
2) Tired
3) Angry
4) Horny