Thursday, January 27, 2005

Unproductive meetings

There is few things I hate more than the unproductive meeting. Walking out of them with unfinished business sucks because the next step is always to set up the follow-up meeting. Little gets solved and there are more questions than when we started.

Take today for example. I sit down in the conference room with the circular table. Nice view outside of the wooded area. The sun is shining and melting the light, fluffy snow off of the trees. I sit back, answer some of the questions asked via teleconference. I give some input when needed. I pay attention. For the first 20 minutes at least. Then I start to focus on the real issue that is concerning me.

What do I want to drink before dinner tomorrow?

This meeting I am sitting in is totally boring. I need to have a plan for tomorrow. I am familiar with the bar at the Italian joint. I know they will have Maker's Mark, but they didn't have ginger ale last time. The bartender attempted to make the GA with Coke and 7 Up, but it isn't the same. Drinks start going through my head.

Maybe 7&7? Possible.

Martini? Unlikely though I haven't had one is probably 10 years. I may like them for all I know. But being downtown, I don't feel like possibly paying 10 bucks for a drink.

Brandy Old Fashioned? I am too young for that. Though they can be quite good, I don't want to feel like my grandmother. Why do I feel the need to explain what brandy is to some people that are not from the Midwest?

Captain & Coke? Nope. That is not a pre-dinner drink.

Beer? Whereas beer is a good choice for some meals, it is not for Italian food. Plus, pre-dinner drinks should be just that. Drinks. Cocktails. Not beer.

Wine? Well, that will be with the meal. One of the few times I drink wine is with dinner.

Vodka tonics? I am not quite the vodka connoisseur. Possible but highly doubtful.

Blue Sapphire and tonic? I think I have the winner here. It resonates in the brain. The thought makes me want one right now even though I just got out of a meeting. How it may taste in roughly 30 some hours is a different question.

But it is a front runner. I am also open to suggestions. Please order them up below.

What should I drink before dinner tomorrow?


James Wigderson said...

It depends who you're with and why. If it's the boss, whatever he's drinking unless it's something totally stupid. A date, you have to take your cues from her and keep it on the same level. If your date is drinking Mohawk gin on the rocks, I wouldn't suggest a Grasshopper. If she's drinking wine, don't choose a light beer. Pick something off the wine list, too. A solid red, preferably. Since you're familiar with the restaraunt, odds are you already know what you're going to order. You should keep that in mind when ordering your drink. With friends, scotch is always good. Me, I like a Stoli on the rocks. Olives preferred. It goes with everything.

Jason said...

First of all, I don't know why you would ever mix Maker's Mark with anything other than Maker's Mark. It would be like mixing Crown Royal with anything other than Crown Royal. If you want something to mix with ginger ale, try Old Forrester. It is a cheap bourbon that sits just below Jack Daniels and light years above Jim Beam (and we won't mention the rotgut that exists below Jim Beam, Evil-E my ass).

But, if there is no ginger ale then you can forget that idea all together.

Although 7&7 is one of my all-time favorites, I like to drink them out of pint glasses and I have hard time just getting one. Therefore I don't think they will fit your requirements as a quick drink before dinner.

You can't go wrong with a martini, but if you are a vodka snob then you can easily pay $10 to $14 for one and I have hard time paying the same amount for a single drink as I can pay for a bottle of booze (or a case of beer). Therefore if you are a vodka snob, then I would recommend Tanqueray Sterling Vodka or Grey Goose. If you are not a vodka snob, then I would go with my Russian pal Smirnoff. Either way it would be extra dry, two olives, and as cold as possible.

Brandy? Are you fucking serious?

Agree completely with Captain & Coke, see above about pint glasses and multiple rounds.

I don't think there is a bad time for beer, but if you want liquor then get liquor.

Definitely no wine. You don't want to look like a pansy-ass bellying up to the bar with a glass of fucking merlot.

I am a big fan of Vodka Tonic (VnT). The nice thing is it doesn't require a good vodka (as opposed to a martini). You could probably throw rubbing alcohol in with some flat tonic water and a couple of limes, and I would drink it. Unfortunately, this drink also falls under the 7&7 and Captain&Coke category: I betcha can't have just one.

Sapphire and Tonic is about as good as it gets, although I often feel guilty for mixing Sapphire with anything because of the quality. I am in agreement that this should be a top contender.

Otherwise, I agree with the previous commenter. A nice blended scotch: Chivas, Famous Grouse, Dewars. Or, a single malt if you want to pay little more. Also, JD, Makers Mark, or Crown straight up.

There is also cognac, but the who the fuck can afford it?

So many choices, so little time.

AlCantHang said...

Do I need to actually answer this one?

StB said...

Wig, you misinterpret what I am asking. I don't need advice on what to order because of the situation (did you miss that post?), I am looking for suggestions on what to drink before dinner. Looking for something different. Ideas, ideas.

And Al, I already know the answer.

All Things Dave said...

My friend. My kindred soul brother. Please consider my advice.

Italian food = garlic. I know you like Miller light and therefore must be a bit light in the loafers ( kidding!!!) so you must do the following:

1) wine - forget it. One could consider a Moscoto D'asti which is a great drink but considering that one will have Italian food that is usually heavy in garlic and all the good things in life.

2) Your best choice is a vodka martini with two olives
that are stuffed with jalepeno peppers. This is the best choice. One needs a hint of spiciness to get the tastbuds ready for the heavy garlic that will be soon to come.

For the vodka - I recommend Stoli, Tanguery or Thor's Hammer. I have yet to recommend any Polish Vodkas but I figure those are worth trying,

If the female servant you are with can not handle your drink of choice then I think you should give her a "Repeal the 19th Amendment" hat and send her on her way.