Friday, January 28, 2005

It's Friday, where's my drink?

I thank everyone that supplied some suggestions. Though I am not a martini man, but I might be since I haven't had one is soooooo long, I am still thinking Sapphire and tonic. Yep, it is 7:49 in the morning, I am drinking a second cup of coffee and pondering my opening drink of choice.

Maybe I should ask the bartender if he makes a good martini before ordering? Or is that like asking a bartender if I need a haircut?

Or maybe Maker's on the rocks. Jason, that is always a good idea. Dave would agree. The problem with this is that I am not looking to get drunk fast. I tend to down that first drink quickly. I ease it down in on the second one. Adding ginger ale makes it a nice smooth, laid back cocktail. If I start drinking Maker's straight, one becomes two becomes three becomes four and it ends up with me face down in some pasta with chicken primavera up my nose!

Al, I know of your love for Southern Comfort. I haven't drinken that is well over 10 years. That was the college drink of choice my first couple of years. After drinking to excess too many times and let's say, coloring the carpet, I had to give it up. But my body may be back for another try. There is a big party tomorrow night. Instead of Jager bombs (the biggest pussy drink this side of the Mississippi IMHO), I think buying a round of SoCo may be a good idea. I shall toss one back and prounounce a toast to you. That should be good because no one will have a clue about who the hell I am talking about.

Wig, I would answer your thought but I am sad to see that you are becoming gay. I am pondering how I am going to make this call to your wife. I think you need to tell her. No man should be watching those faggy little reality shows you are watching. You have no excuse. I mean, your wife is working at this time, is she not? Even if she is on maternity leave, you can walk away. Or keep it inside. Don't admit you are watching it. But there is hope. I think you need to go watch this. It will return your masculinity to you. I just hope you don't get excited by the picture.

I highly suggest you go to Czabe today (link is on the top left) and read about his article on ranking NFL fans. I have no problem with his comments. I think Packer fans are pretty overrated, but they do deserve top 5 status. The majority are not that knowledgable about the NFL. They may know their team well-and let me stress the may as some just get stuff out of the paper and no other source- but they rarely know about other teams or give the due respect. Not all, cuz the people I hang with on Sundays are damn good. But there are too many other clowns in that bar and they know who I am talking about.

But back to Czabe. I totally agree with what he has to say about Dallas Cowboys fans. It is dead on. I also like the fact he didn't think of being a homer and putting the Deadskins in the top 10.

On to this work thing. 7 1/2 hours until freedom.


James Wigderson said...

Didn't I see Randy Couture in a gladiator film along with Buck Naked and Biff Buff?

All Things Dave said...

Vodka martini with jalepeno-stuffed olives will set you apart from the pack.

Beer - forget it. It will ruin the taste buds for the garlic that is to come.

Wine - no. you must have chianti with dinner. The only wine that one can have before dinner is Moscato D'Asti. And speaking of wine - never have a French wine since that country is anti-American. F@#$ the French.

Makers Mark or Blantons - Nope. This will get you so smashed that your taste buds will be toast.

Coke or Pepsi - After the age of 21 - I think not.

Sparkling water - Uh, no. You may as well have a light beer.

Shot - Hmmn. Maybe. An ice cold vodka shot with one oyster before dinner could be just the ticket.

Considering everything - my vodka martini suggestion makes the most sense.