Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Well, it got me

I have reader other tales of woe about Blogger. How Blogger ate my post, etc. This morning it happened to me. I spent upwards of half an hour typing up some politically incorrect thoughts about my trip to the grocery store.

But then my boss showed up. I had to go to a meeting and hit the "save draft" button. When I came back, I saw there was an error message. My work was gone.

At first, I thought I would start typing it again. But now I don't even know if it is interesting, let alone funny. So I will give you the highlights.

Lazy workers, Goober Grape, Ugly woman, grandma, chocolate chips, affair, big cucumber, dude with 20 pizzas, and scrambled eggs. Go ahead an figure out the story from there.

Along the same line of thought....I wonder why food stores in Milwaukee are required to have the liquor department cordoned off from the rest of the store? In other parts of the state, it isn't like that. Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

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Anonymous said...

steve.... i thought i would help out all of your readers and post a link to the modern drunkard's survival guide (http://www.moderndrunkardmagazine.com/issues/10_04/10-04-survival.htm).

it is quite interesting and contains several helpful tips...like: HOW TO DRINK IN A BAR AFTER HOURS - 'Help clean up. As soon as you hear last call, grab a bar towel and start wiping down tables. Make sure you do this in a very poor and half-hearted fashion however, or you’ll make the cocktail waitress look bad.' now how many times have we done that at the bar?? just when we thought we were being helpful, turns out we had ulterior motives that we did not even know about... wow!