Thursday, February 17, 2005

I got hit in the eye by a cow?

Woke up a little groggy this morning. I guess drinking six 24 oz glasses of Spotted Cow can do that to you. My vision was a little off too. Oh wait, I need to put my glasses on.

That is a bit better. I go into the bathroom and put my contacts in. As I look into the mirror, I have just one thought...

You handsome devil you!!!

Ok, that wasn't it. It was actually more like "Man, you look like shit!!!"

My left eye was on the puffy side. As if I got popped in face last night.

I don't recall getting into any fights last night. I didn't fall face first into any stationary objects. I didn't wake up in an aroused state and quickly bend over thus poking myself in the eye.

I have no clue why my eye was puffed up. Maybe my cat took a cheap shot at me while I slept.

I do know I had a pretty good time last night with a bunch of people I used to work with. I even came up with one of the better lines I have ever had. In the group, there were two blond girls that hadn't known each other. One had just gotten married and the other is engaged. For a while they both sat there just yapping back and forth to each other, in their own little world laughing away. I commented to a friend that the reason they get along is that they both speak fluent blond.

Maybe my eye is puffy because of the beer she spat in it while she was laughing.

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All Things Dave said...

Alas this brew is only available in Wisconson. :-(