Friday, February 18, 2005

Poor dumb bastard

That is the only way I can describe this guy after my encounter with him this morning. This person is a new co-worker of mine. He is a bit off. Not a bad person, just weird. For example, he makes really bad jokes and then follows up with the "I'm kidding" or "I'm joking" comment all the time. I am considering establishing a pool to see how many times he says that.

But today, it went over edge. I ran into him in the cafeteria this morning. I could tell he wasn't a coffee drinker. So when I saw his OJ, I made a comment about how he needs his OJ to get going in the morning. He responsded with a "Yep and my toast". I asked if he prepared his toast like Elwood Blues. Plain.

He had no clue who Elwood Blues was. Hadn't even heard of the Blue Brothers. I was in a state of shock. How do you go through life without seeing a classic like that?

Poor dumb bastard.

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