Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Product review

Yeah, it has only been officially one day since my bar was sold, but the trauma does not go away quickly. I sat home alone, drinking beer on a stool in front of my TV. Not quite the same.


One of the better things about hanging at PJs was that I could always test new product. Whether it be beer or liquor, Pete would would look for feedback on whatever bottle a distributor had dropped off looking for a purchase on. And me, well, I was willing to donate my taste buds to science and be the voice of public opinion. I am such a giver.

My last taste test was one that was long overdue. Cutty Black. They have been pushing this whisky through various promos around Milwaukee for the last 6 months or so. Taughted as a whisky with a taste of spice, it sounded interesting. I mean they have been spicing rum for so long that is made sense to try it on a different liquor.

Or so it seemed. I tried Cutty Black with 7. Drinking 7&7s is like drinking punch. Except better. A true test of any regular whisky (note regular whisky, not high end bourbon) is how it tastes with 7up.

With the first drink, you notice something very different. Not quite spicy, but something else. Wood? At first, it is rather disgusting, but I think that is just the clash of expecting a regular whisky. Halfway through it (it was a pint), I got used to the taste, but not enough to order another.

I would say that if you were going to drink Cutty Black, it better be the only thing you drink all night. Not something you would want to try in midstream.

Bottom line is it was ok. Nothing fantastic. Maybe better in Coke.

Anything you want tested? Let me know.

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All Things Dave said...

Sorry to see your favorite watering hole is no more.

Perhaps an article on your perspective on hangover cures would permit you to "give back" to society and cheer you up in the process.

Me? Baileys and coffee does the drink. 1/2 tab of Xanax for a really bad one when you can not get back to sleep. Plus vegging out to "Cops" while hungover is an esteem booster since nobody's life could be a bad as the redneck shirtless losers on that show.