Thursday, March 03, 2005

Alcohol should be a tax deduction!!!

I finished up my taxes last night. It only took a six pack but I got them done. Well, maybe the poker took the six pack or something like that. I just wonder if I made a mistake and shouldn't have filed right away.

I actually did the brunt of the work a month ago. I used TurboTax online and plugged the majority of the numbers in. I had some errors so I set it aside to tackle at another time. I was owing Uncle Sam $80 at the time. I knew he could wait and so could I. So after playing some poker and being up 20 BB on the limit game and 44BB on the NL, I decided to end the game and correct the errors on my taxes.

I went in and it tried to start me over. WTF? I perused through it and it was still there so I was quite relieved. I fixed the errors but it then took me to a different area that covered my rental income. I entered a number and corrected some others and suddenly I was getting $955 back! Hmm...something didn't seem quite right. I read it and re-read it but it looked to be correct. What I may be doing is trying to write my property taxes off in two places. According to their instructions, I entered the number where they said to. Is it my fault they ask twice?

There was another ara that had me baffled. It mentioned you could reclaim a portion of state sales tax that was paid. You could either enter a number or it could estimate what you had paid. That was a boost to my refund as well.

I am not sure whether any of this is correct now. I was a little confused (and upset because I finished the last beer) but I figured it must be ok. I just wanted to be done so I could watch the World Poker Tour. I did look through some of the numbers and I did pay more this year than last so that has to help.

I sent it away and hopefully it will all be good. Or else you may be reading about me bitching about an audit.

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