Monday, March 28, 2005

Got some head Friday night! Two times in fact!

The weekend felt like a haze at times. After spending a Friday laying around the house, not doing much more than playing poker (came in 10 in a freeroll good for $22) and watching a movie, I headed out to a friend's house to watch the Badgers play. Hockey was my interest, not basketball. I didn't get my way and sporadically watched a sluggish hockey team lose while the ballers won. The night started well. Makers and ginger to kick it off. Smooth whisky will always start off a night well. From there on, I drank Moosehead. Really, I can't make that one up. I drank Moosehead beer. That is what my friend had (and he had a lot of it). It isn't that bad. It felt like it really packed a wallop as after drinking about 8 of them, I was beginning to feel it. I think the Makers may have had a bit to do with it but I will give Moosehead it's due.

Once the games were over, we started to play sheepshead. Though I would have preferred to watch the cage fighting that was on, everyone else wanted to play cards. Hold em was out as not everyone understands it so we were forced to play sheepshead. Not quite the same without money on the line. I personally hate it when someone begins to play like an idiot after proclaiming "well, I might as well play this hand since we aren't playing for money". Yeah, screw you! Then they wondered why I didn't want to play anymore.

Saturday was pretty much a reply of Friday except I threw some cleaning into the mix. Well, cleaning as in putting some stuff away and throwing some things out. I didn't touch a vacuum but did do a bunch of dishes. I watched the Grudge. That is one scary ass movie. It will freak you out.

Having sat around bored out of my skull a good portion of the day, I decided to head out to Big Mamas for a couple of beers. I was interested in seeing who may show up on a Saturday night. Turns out the usual cast of characters. We had a good time. Shook for shots. Interesting night. I had a couple of Hackers before switching over to Lite. It was going to be a long night and I had to make it last.

The dice cup came around and I lost a couple shakes. I couldn't get a 1 to save my life. So I "bought" a couple of rounds. Yes, I "bought". I had the money out but the bar wench decided not to charge me. Nice. Which brings up the ethical question:
If you buying a round, and the bartender does not charge you, do you call their attention to it?

I say no. Bad things can happen. One, you may do it in front of the boss and get them in trouble and two, you do not want to insult them. Just make sure they get a good tip. That is how the night went. I believe I bought a couple of Hackers and a round but spent a good six hours getting hooched. When Big Mama is away, drinks are free!

One of the highlights of the night was Bud girl. Bud girl came in looking to buy people some beer. She was promoting Bud Select and if they had some (they didn't), she would have bought everyone a round so they could try it. Nice gesture, but I am the wrong person for a Bud rep to approach. I am a Miller loyalist. I like their beer. I enjoy it in mass quantities. Bud is water. It has no flavor. Yeah, Miller has no flavor compared to other beers to but let's keep it a Miller vs. Bud thing. Bud girl starts her pitch about Bud Select on me. I begin to sound like a Miller rep and ask her why Bud has accepted defeat. Bud Light is crap and now Bud admits it. It is like Coke introducing New Coke. All Bud has done is admit that Lite is better and that they needed to introduce a beer that was more like it. Poor Bud girl didn't have a response. But she tried.

I got out of Big Mamas around 1. Made it home safely. Good thing I left because when I got home, strange things happened. I recall waking up at some point and using the bathroom. For some reason, I went to the wrong bedroom when I was done. I use the other bedroom for storage and a place to keep my clothes. I have stacks of shirts on the floor. I remember stumbling around reaching for the bed. Instead I felt clothes. After groping around for a bit, I came a bit more to my senses and realized I was in the wrong room. I bumbled back over and found my bed.

I woke up thinking about this. I did go double check to make sure I didn't piss in the corner or something. Maybe I was sleep walking. That could be cool.

So of course I went out drinking on Sunday as well. Out to Packys to watch the Badgers play again. I believe everyone should spend some time once every other month or so in a Irish bar, especially if they have bartenders with the thick Irish accent. Why? Because they are usually the funniest people you will meet while drinking. Do it. You will have a good time.

So now I am back at work on a Monday morning. Sober, I think. At least for now. It was an enjoyable weekend. Only 5 days to go before we do it all over again.


Human Head said...

Bud will never compare to the champagne of beers, and until they truly learn what it is to live the high life, I'm afraid they never will :)

J. Gambino said...

You should have told the Bud girl that unless she puts $315 in your mitt, you ain't drinkin' Bud, man!