Saturday, March 26, 2005

Let the pony run?

I bet the news in your area is pretty much like the news in Milwaukee. When things are slow, they take the littlest thing and make it big. Or they take a big item and stretch it out to last for longer that it needs to.

Take this story about the Midwest baggage handler. Guy gets stuck in the cargo hold. Weird accident. It shows on the 3rd page of the newspaper in the local section. Not a big story. But the Channel 12 news decided to take their thumbs out of their ass and go down to General Mitchell to get the reaction of people who were waiting to board a Midwest Airlines flight. Their first reaction was "Oh, I didn't know that". Second they questioned security.


Two people interviewed said that security must be bad. Hey, dipshits! They EMPLOYEE was where he was supposed to be. This isn't a breach of security. It was a freak accident. But wait....this plane is going to Philly. I know. He wanted to go have a drink with Al. Case solved. I mean, don't we all? Personally, I look forward to downing a couple with the legend in Vegas in June.

I did get a couple of things out of the newscast though. One, I recall why I don't watch TV on Saturday mornings. The cartoons sucks and so does the news personnel. And that the weather is getting warmer. I heard them mention we will be hitting the 50s. Today? No, but next week. I check the internet and lo and behold they are right.

That means it is just about time to take the car out. I am beginning to get the itch and get the Mustang out. I love driving that car. Nothing better than to put the top down and feel the sunshine on you as you cruise down the road. Then I will stop losing my ass playing poker online.

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AlCantHang said...

I don't know about legend, but we'll definitely be lifting some that weekend.