Tuesday, March 22, 2005

It makes it better

I didn't really have anything to say this morning. Had a boring night. Played some poker though I swore I wasn't going to. Monday nights have killed me. Been terrible sessions at a poker table. So it was good that I made a little and quit to have supper.

Nothing exciting there. Watched the Hollywood Home Game. Watching celebrities play poker is absolutely the biggest waste of TV time you will see. But having someone like Daniel Negreanu doing some play by play made it worth while. Guy is a natural talking about poker. If only he wouldn't do some of that talking at the table. I am surprised I hadn't read about his play in the WPT episode last Wednesday. In the end, he slow rolled David Williams. That is one of the worst things you can do to an opponent. Yet, no one seems to say anything about the bad etiquette. If Phil Hellmuth would have done it, the net would have been in an uproar. I feel better now that is out of the system.

Things are slow at work because I cannot get my work done yet. I will have to go up the stairs for the 5th time today to check a printer. So to get the fuel in my belly to make those trips I ate a House of Cakes Chocolate Bomb-quite possibly the best donut ever made. I ate that donut so fast that I had to count my finger to make sure I didn't bite one of them off.

But then I got to wondering...what could make this donut even better? Shocker of all shockers coming! I began to wonder what alcohol would make this donut tastier. The quick answers was Baileys. Nope. That is the chocolate milk you drink with your donut. I am talking about pouring some liquor on the donut itself so it gets all soaked in. Ron Bacardi would offer his services and he would be a good choice. Have you ever had tiramisu without the rum? Horrendous! Amaretto would be good, but that may just help the women. Maybe some Jack. That could go either way. Vodka? No. Gin? Don't scare me. Southern? That is a possibility. Brandy? That could be a winner.

Now I can't help but wonder....How many people ponder booze at 8 in the morning?


James Wigderson said...

I think Negreanu's slow roll has to be put inthe context that he was heads up against a friend of his - who called him on it. I think it would have been different had it been against someone else or at a different time in the tournament.

I like Negreanu's commentary too. Maybe they could get rid of Vince and tone down the "he's the greatest poker player in the world!!!" hyping they do all the time on the WPT.

J. Gambino said...

A chocolate cake donut, the whole chocolate donut, not the frosted chocolate, soaked in creme de cacao, or possibly creme de menthe, the white kind. I am thinking it could be like a Thin Mint cookie, only better. Although, I can see myself with a cruller, dunking it in a tumbler of Crown. I bet our friend E would do it, if he hasn't already.

StB said...

Wig, you don't slow roll period. David Williams does not look happy when it happens. You do that to me and I am coming over the table!!!

AlCantHang said...

are you telling me that there are people who DON'T think about drinking at 8am?

James Wigderson said...

You ain't comin' over the table. You'll spill your drink. What would Shauna think?

StB said...

uuunnnnhhhh...Shana Hiatt.

All Things Dave said...

How about an article from you ranking the online poker sites you play on?

Us drinking buddies wanna know.

P.S. Spring has sprung. Time to put away the heavy Winter brews. Sure would be nice if the permier drinking blog site would do a review and offer suggestions for warmer weather drinking.

Take care my friend.