Monday, March 21, 2005

Saturday night special

I had some big plans for Saturday. I figured I would hit the free roll on PokerRoom for some money and then go to my friend's brother's party, drink beer, play bingo, drink beer, watch UWM, drink beer, shoot the shit, drink beer and then eat dinner.

Day started well. Woke up. All in one piece. Steak sauce wasn't all over the place. Got into the free roll and was out in 20 minutes after I took a bad beat and then over played my K J. I then played more poker on Full Tilt, winning a SnG and playing the ring game.

Around noon I got into the shower and started to massage my liver. We were in for a full day. I needed him to be at the top of his game. Whatever I could do to help him perform was going to be done. After I finished the series of liver exercises, he told me he was ready to go. I was soon dressed and driving, in need of a beer.

Got to C's house. As I did, I saw that his roomate's girlfriend was walking up the drive. I walked in the back door, yelling out to see who was around. No one was to be seen. I didn't quite hear anything either, though I knew that 2 other people were around. I called out again. No answer. Strange. Apparently anyone could walk into this house and not be questioned as to why they were there or what they were doing. I went downstairs, popped the tv on and waited. I flipped through some channels and came to a stop on Davey and Goliath. I loved the show as a kid (not really knowing there was a message in every episode. I just liked the claymation like thing they were doing). Apparently Davey was framed this time. A new "evil" kid had messed up a new driveway and Davey was blamed. Davey then spent the whole episode planning his revenge. He was going to do the meanest thing he could possibly think of to the kid. Really, he did. He was going to pour molasses on him and then cover him in feathers. Or he was going to tie the kid to a tree on the highest mountain and leave him there. That Davey is one shrewd character. Don't cross him. You don't want to be on his bad side. Funniest part was when Davey found the kid, the kid makes a comment about how he is ready to fight. Yeah, like that is gonna happen.

As it turns out, C was in the shower upstairs. He didn't think it was weird that his roommate could care less if a anyone was in the house. We had a bingo game to catch so we headed out. Turns our his brother lives next to a car wash that is open 24 hours a day. Guess if you ever need to clean the car at 3 in the morning, you can.

Sat down and bought some cards, got some beer. They had a half barrel of LaBatt's Blue today. Must have been on sale. It was good. Went down well. It sure the hell made the bingo more interesting. Had to kill some time in there some how. I did win two games, making 25 bucks. Probably spent about 20 to play so I still figure I was ahead. I had a nice buzz going. It was about 5 hours to dinner so I had to keep it going without going over the edge. My liver was doing it's job. Now my brain needed to.

But it didn't. After bingo, I went with C to go get his dry cleaning. We stopped at the grocery store. Though I tried, I couldn't sneak the hunk of butter shaped like an Easter lamb into the cart. I did get him to buy the carton of wine that was packaged in one of those juice boxes. Half a liter for 3 bucks. Must be some damn good wine.

Got back to the pary after being gone maybe a half hour. I was a bit disappointed when we got back. They had started playing Hold Em when were were gone. I listened as one girl kept going around telling everyone they were playing Texas Hold Em. Does anyone who plays the game actually go around calling it Texas Hold Em? Anyway, I would argue that they were playing crap. I watched as they were down to 4 players. Not quite sure how many started, but these guys were bad. I watched as they continued to play any two cards. Though it looked like it was suppose to be no limit, no one ever bet more than the blinds. There was little reason for anyone to fold unless they had total crap. But they played those cards too. Give me a small stack and I could blast these guys away. It pained me to watch the way this game was being played. Worse yet, when it was done, it was done. They didn't start a new one. That would have been some easy money.

Instead it was time to watch the UWM game. They would proceed to knock off Boston College. There was a cutie who was really into the game. Turns out she was there with her boyfriend (damn). Talked to both of them about their upcoming trip to Ireland. They were both drinking Guinness and were planning on hitting the brewery tour while there. I hope they have fun.

Before long, it was time to head out for dinner. I switched gears once we got to Coerpers, preferring to drink Maker's Mark and ginger ale. Sweet nectar. I could feel my liver doing jumping jacks. Even incorporated a little poker at the bar there. While ordering drinking, I went over the top to pay the bill on the guy who had arranged everything. He didn't see that coming. Had a nice porterhouse for dinner along with a couple more Makers.

From there, I am not quite sure what happened. I didn't go back to the party, instead choosing to head home. Got home and poured myself into bed. The Ten Commandments was on. Tried to watch that, I think.

Slept well. Woke up on Sunday feeling good. I feel like I may have been the only one watching the NCAA Hockey Selection show. I wanted to make sure the Wisconsin hockey team was ine. They drew Michigan in the opening round on Friday. They have a good shot against the Wolverines having beaten them earlier in the season. MY liver gave me the go ahead to to do it again when I got the call that some friends were going out to BW3s to watch the Badgers take on Bucknell. Funny how I was the only one drinking beer. What a bunch of wusses. The 24 oz glasses were mighty good. 6 of those and one Badger victory later, I was out the door going home to play some more poker before Deadwood came on.

Pretty fun weekend. Liver is pretty proud of the job he did. I reminded him that is only a preliminary event. He needs to get into total shape for Vegas and the Drinking for Jesus 2005 tour.

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