Thursday, March 31, 2005

Poker night

Played in the latest WPBT event last night. Though I have played like crap the last couple of days, I was still hoping to play well and finish high. I realized that in order to do so I had to be prepared mentally and physically.

So I immediately went to the liquor cabinet. Maker's Mark. Oh! I am embarrassed to say it is dangerously low. One drink left. So I drank it. Seagram's check. Captain Morgan check.

Off to the refrigerator. Wow, is it bare!

Off to the liquor store. For all of you considering buying a home, I now offer StB most important home buying tip.

Make sure your home is near a liquor store. As in walking distance near.

That is all you need to know about buying your home. I headed down to Bert's thinking about what I may choose for the evening's festivities. My original thought is a sixer of something good that may get me buzzed up right away.

But what if I ran out? No, a six pack is out.

Get a twelve pack. But what if I ran out? It could happen.

Being an expert in the beer field, I then had my solution. Both. Ok, not quite. I meandered about the beer cooler looking for something that would draw me in, begging to be drunk (the beer that is, not me, or at least not yet). I was tempted to take the Steel City Reserve 4 pack but I started laughing at it. Same with the Natural Ice. Ugh!

I settled for Leinenkugels. Always good. Always refreshing. Then on the way out, I grabbed a Sprecher Dopplebock, one of my favorite beers. That will do the trick.

And it did. I was busted out with some really poor play within a half hour. I drank 6 beers in that time because that Leinies was tasting so good.

So is it a shock that I am thinking about happy hour already?

Today is also a big day. As long as I am employed by the end of the day I collect a nice bonus. Note the "as long a I am employed" part. Anything could happen.

As this time I would also like to salute that man out there in the fashion world (no, that is not a misprint and I don't watch any of that crap on Bravo) who came up with the open blouse look for women. I just love watching the ladies around the office walking around with their blouses unbottoned, basically giving the guys a nice look at the goods. Some guy is laughing his ass off (not in a faggy way either cuz the fashion dude who came up with this one must be cool) that women bought this. He is probably like me. Goes up to talk to someone about something, notice the top buttons are wide open, and take a long look. Hey, if they want the everyone to see, I will look.

Only 7 hours and 20 minutes until I ring the cash register. Add another hour for beer.


James Wigderson said...

And you thought fashion was gay...
When they bring back "Project Runway" I fully expect you to come on over and watch it with us and enjoy a drink or two. I even have new cocktail umbrellas!

Joanne1111 said...

"Make sure your home is near a liquor store. As in walking distance near"

Amen to that. That was one of the first things I looked for.