Sunday, March 06, 2005

Ray & Dots- A venerable institution of alcohol

If you like cheap beer, and who doesn't, then Ray & Dots is the place for you. Any place that advertises $1.35 cans of Pabst, Old Milwaukee, Blatz and Schlitz is going to be fun. Just watch the people who drink that swill. Bottles of beer are only 2 bucks. Tap of LaBatts more to your liking? Only $1.75. On Fridays you can win a commemorative Guinness mug. I remember 15 years ago when you could just get Pabst, Coors Light or Killians Red on tap for 35 cents. 60 for the Killians. I believe shots were only 2 bucks as well.

R&Ds is a VFW post. That should explain why the beer is cheap. But the crowd (and the place is usually crowded) is an eclectic mix. There is a black guy drinking by Latinos who are by some old vets who are eyeing up the young girls. The jukebox plays Judas Priest then Toby Keith and then Michael Jackson (I wanted to kill the person who played Thriller).

People are shooting pool, shooting darts and shooting the shit. This is a place that you can easily just hang out in. Especially with the good bartending that is going on. Big hairy guy had us figured out. He knew to grab a bunch of Miller bottles whenever one of us approached ("let me guess...75 bottles of Lite"). Just like dealers in a casino, bartenders make a joint good. And they do at Ray and Dots.

While drinking, I got some bad news last night. I was even shocked to hear this. I had asked who all wanted to go see Night Ranger next month. I guess the answer is none of us. They sold out within 2 hours. WTF? I have never had any troubles getting tickets to see NR play. I guess with a little advertising on an 80s rock station, tickets will go fast. I guess I will have to wait for Summerfest. Or travel to some of the small festivals just north of the city to catch them this summer.

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