Monday, March 07, 2005

Man, do I love Czabe

Nothing better to a Cowboys fans eyes to read a nice rant like this. The Cowboys have done a good job in the offseason to improve their team, while the Skins screw it all up. Sweet. Couple that with 2 first round picks and the status of the NFL where anyone can sneak up and win and I feel pretty good. Now if only the Eagles could somehow monkey with that defense and go down the toilet...

Spent a day playing a lot of poker clearing a bonus at Poker Mountain. That is all over at the other site, Beer City Poker. Speaking of which, I am headed to Vegas for 5 days in June, staying at the luxurious Imperial Palace (please note sarcasm). For basically 80 a night, I get to stay near the two premier poker rooms in Vegas, the Mirage and Bellagio. Of the two, I like the Mirage a bit better. Who knows, I may not have a job by then and could stay out there.

I heard on the radio today that the majority of small vehicles can't hand a side impact collision. I found the report interesting from two perspectives. First, the Chevy Cobalt, which we are led to believe is as good as a Camaro, rated high as "acceptable" if you got the safety optinos. I was surprised to hear that a brand new model rated that high. Sounds like the engineers did their job correctly. Second, the worst rated vehicle was the Dodge/Chrysler Neon. It was rated as disasterous. WOW! I love the description of the rating. Disasterous. How much worse can you get? Deathtrap?

Gas prices are expected to head up soon. Makes sense. I paid $2.05 this morning. When oil hit the high 40s last fall, the price of gas was $2.17 so we have had it easy. But when the newspaper is saying that gas will go to $2.30, that is a great sign. They are usually wrong.

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