Saturday, March 19, 2005

Who else wants a steak sauce sandwich

I am so glad this Lent thing is just about done. I don't know why I don't eat meat on Fridays still. The only time I go to church is when they are having a festival and then that is just for the beer and the bands.

Before heading out to the bar to watch the Badgers, I ate some Doritos. Figured that would be dinner. While quaffing 32ozs of beer at a time, you will get hungry. It just happens. Big Mama had put out hot dogs and left over corn beef. I was pretty damn hungry and when the owner also pointed out they had egg salad, I dove in like a fat guy at Krispy Kreme. I never would have thunk I would be sitting in a bar downing Lites and eating an egg salad sandwich. Good thing I sleep alone.

After the game was done, I took off after that. Somehow I had managed to get a good buzz while only spending $3.50. I bought a round and somehow Big Mama rang it up for only three and a half bucks. Nice. Maybe she likes me. I get home and I am still hungry. I have a ton of meat in the fridge that I can't touch. So I look around and see the bread. I check the fridge and grab the butter. What I don't know is that it is empty. I find that out after I pop it into the microwave to soften it up and it explodes in there. Now what? I ain't going to eat plain toasted bread. I am not a Blues Brother.

So I check again and grab the A1 steak sauce. Mmmmmm...this is good eats. This morning I realize I must have really liked this sandwich as there is steak sauce dripped on the floor leading to the computer. Nothing on the keyboard though.

Tonight I will have a steak under the sauce. Well, actually not as this steak will not need A1. Going to Coerpers, one of the best steak houses in Milwaukee, for dinner after drinking all day. Should be good.

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