Monday, March 14, 2005

That bitch!

I was looking for a different tape. I had forgotten to take the CD magazine out of the truck to change the lineup. None of those 6 discs were doing it for me. Actually, what I was looking for the King Biscuit Flower Hour show of Night Ranger from like back in 1986. Instead I grab one of the many tapes that was in the truck (didn't know I had that many in there).

I pop the cassette into the player. Music from the 70s. I begin to listen and notice something funny. Between songs, you can hear the audio from an episode of Friends. Now I remember. I had borrowed some tapes from my mother and had dubbed them at my house. I had the TV hooked through my stereo to simulate theater sound. And apparently it recorded the tv as it recorded the music.

So between sonds I hear Rachel and Joey talking. But that would be better than the next song. It was recorded in the mid 70s and would piss me off 30 years later.

Billy, Don't be a Hero.

Song about a guy, Billy, who goes to serve his country. His chick, doesn't want him to go. Billy goes off and while trying to help his platoon, tragically is killed. His lady gets a letter from the Army explaining he died heroically during battle. She looks at the letter and throws it away.

That bitch!

The selfish little bitch! Your man does the right thing, something he believed in and all you manage to do is spit on his grave.

Yeah, that was my reaction to a song from 30 years ago. Hey, I had a couple pitchers in me, having spent the hour at Hooters. Had to be prepped for some poker. Heck, if it wasn't for getting beer, I may not have left the house all weekend. The poker treated me pretty good.

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