Monday, March 14, 2005

You make the call!!!

I slid that 70s cassette into the player again this morning. Milwaukee morning radio isn't that great. Bob & Brian rule the land. They are good and can be funny but they are not great. I rather listen to the 70s tape than the morons on the Brew. Worst morning djs ever.

When the tape started, I once again thought of that bitch that loved Billy. Why? Because Brandy was playing. Damn girl, why couldn't you be more like Brandy. She was a fine girl. A good wife she would be. I bet she would have been proud of Billy.

As I may have mentioned before, I got a Palm the other month. It was free. I looked at it and played around and thought what the hell will I use this for. I realized if I spend about $50 for a memory card, I could use it as an MP3 player. It is slightly bigger than an Ipod so it would work. I could use it to track my gambling when in Vegas or elsewhere.

Then I noticed the "expenses" area. I looked through it and thought it was worthless. Or maybe not. One night I thought about one of the themes going through the finance world for the last couple of years. One where they should focus on an everyday expense (usually they pick on Starbucks coffee) and show that if you eliminate or cut back that expense, how much money you could save for goals, retirement, major purchases, etc. I then thought, what if I tracked how much I spent while drinking? I could use this thing to track how much I spend on alcohol.

So I went in and learned what it did and didn't do. I set up an "alcohol" category. Later I learned it was a sub category. The main categories couldn't be changed, or at least not that I could see. So I had to decide what main category to put this under. Travel? Of course not. Entertainment? Possible. Food? Again, possible for some. I settled on "Snack". That seemed to be about right.

So I ask the 30 some people that read this, what category should be used?

In a separate note, I played poker at Poker Mountain last night. Once again, the system froze up. This time during a tournament and it froze 20 players. They forced the other 14 to play. That doesn't seem right. I need to get my cash out of there.


Aleta said...

I think you should list the drinking as entertainment and if you have a date you could list that under snacks...

AlCantHang said...

Definitely entertainment.

For both you AND your liver.