Thursday, March 10, 2005

That's ok, you don't have to be held responsible

The Senate is about to pass a tougher bankruptcy bill. Of course opponents of the bill are in a tizzy. Why? Because if you owe money and you have the ability to pay part of your debt, you should have to.

What is so strange about that?

If you have assets, you will be prevented from filing Chapter 7 and having all of your debt erased. You will be forced to file Chapter 13 and have a payment schedule. In other words, you will be held responsible for the debt you acquired.

If you do not have the means, you can still file Chapter 7. Low income families, people who acquired debt because of military service or medical bills will be able to get the relief they may need. Wealthy families who are exposing the current loopholes and live beyond their means will pay.

Is that too much to ask? We, the general public, end up footing the bill when we allow people to write off their debt.

Ever rip apart your kitchen because you were looking for something that wasn't where it should be? I did that last night simply because I wanted some rice. I was making a stir fry (which ended up pretty good, nice and spicy) and pulled out a pot to make the rice in. Problem is, I couldn't find the cover. The cover was always with the pot. I went through cupboards, shelves, drawers, everywhere, looking for this damn pot cover. I even went into the spare bedroom looking. Why? I have no clue why it would be in there. Guess I hadn't looked in there. Maybe I should have looked underneath my bed. Maybe it was by the 1998 Playboy issue featuring 20 questions with Donald Trump and an article about the Dallas Cowboys.

I never found it. I ended up washing out a different pan and using that. But it did piss me off. I went through the same thing a month ago, looking for some lounger. I haven't found that either. But it was enough to just wind me up.

Thank the Lord for makers Mark. I was able to unwind with this fine bourbon.

This morning I read about these Whole Foods supermarkets. Popular on the west coast as a health store, they are slowly moving across the country, opening mega stores, with various stores within the store. Some of these places have what just might be nirvana:

Walk in beer coolers with over 800 brands.

Homer Simpson and I are jealous.

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