Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I don't want to be "that guy"

"There's the guy!"

I heard that phrase yesterday at work and it made me cringe. It wasn't directed to me. It was directed to someone a lot more important than me (that ain't hard as I am not important). This may be one of the most popular, yet insincere, butt kissing phrases ever used. If you won't address them by their name, then why acknowledge them? It sounds rather mocking.

Another thing I hate is when someone I don't really know well but interact with calls me "buddy" or worse yet "chief". Being in the finance industry and doing some trading, I have dealt with many traders over the years. I always hated hearing something like "Hey chief! I can get that for you with a half". These guys need me as much as I need them. They think that calling me "buddy" is going to make me work harder? I don't think so.

But the scariest thing I have ever been called from a trader has to be "baby". Yep. I did a lot of work with a bond rep in Florida who would call me (actually everyone he talked with at my firm) baby. At first, I thought I misheard him, but time and time again he said it. He was an East Coast guy. For all I know, they call each other baby. If the guy was so freakin' funny, I might have thought he was weird.

I forgot to mention this one yesterday. There was a news story on my pager about two women being arrested in New Zealand for baring their breasts in protest when Prince Charles arrived for some thingy they had for him. Why don't more women do that? I think that is better than a handshake. Show the kids when people arrive! I don't care if it is in protest! But if it helps, I voted for Bush, believe the liberation of Iraq was right and I fully support the troops. Please, protest me. Don't make me go club a baby seal or something, cuz I will!!!

I am finally getting around to making plans for Opening Day. Beer and baseball go so well together. Then again, what doesn't beer go well with?

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Human Head said...

[shakes fist] Ooh, I HATE getting called "chief"! [/shakes fist]