Thursday, April 21, 2005

Brink of depression- Stop looking at me!

What a dismal title huh? Notice how depression is such a bad thing today? It used to be if you just weren't happy, you were down, sad, maybe a bit depressed. Then someone tried to call being depressed a disease and now if you are in a funk, and say you are depressed, people freak out and seek help for you.

What the hell does all that mean? Nothing. I said I was depressed yesterday because I wasn't going to the Night Ranger concert (still can't believe they sold out in 2 hours!). I made that comment to a friend and their response was "Are you all right?". Hey, I am fine. Don't freak out on me because I used the word depressed.

So I went to Hooters to eat wings and forget about the show. Beer and wings, a natural cure for "depression". I tell my friend C details about my poker victory from the prior night. He plays as well and does a good job on SnGs. We are both small timers, still learning the ropes. I am still amazed that I didn't put my chips at risk that many times throughout the night and that there was only one showdown heads up.

As we eat the wings and drink beer, one of the rackalicious Hooters girls comes by and asks if we will play trivia. Sure, what the hell. Got only 2 questions wrong ( I learned the William G. Harding was the only President to die in office while in his 40s). We got a shirt for coming in 2nd. Apparently that is what 1st and 3rd received as well. One shirt for two people. C has visitation rights every other week and gets the shirt for Thanksgiving. When it was finished they announced Round 2 would start up. The same petite top heavy cutie came by again and asked if we would play again. When she did, she also said we could play, but we couldn't win. C looked at her and clarified what she said. Yep, we couldn't win again. Why? According to our magnificently mammaramic friend, "we can't let the smart people always win". Um..this is trivia. Isn't that how it works? The smart

Hey, I don't expect to hear the smartest things from a Hooters girl but nothing that stupid either.

I now sit on the top floor of the building at work in a small wing. There are about 9 of us in this area. There is one worker up here that has a lazy eye. Nice person, she is. Bad part, is her desk is two over and her pc faces towards me. So if she is sitting down working, that eye is staring at me.

And it creeps the shit out of me!

Too many times I am typing away, thinking about how to word something when I look up and it looks like she is staring at me. But she isn't. That is the bad eye. Each time it freaks me out until I realize that she isn't looking over here at all. I guess I will get used to it. Otherwise some morning I am going over there and moving that pc to the other side of her desk facing away from me.

Finally, I see that Night Ranger finally has their own website. Great intro on the front page, a compilation of songs, blended together in 20-30 second bites. Good stuff.


J. Gambino said...
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J. Gambino said...

I recall a Captain Morgan eye patch that was taken from the bowels of the old Chipper. Perhaps I could find it and you could slip it in your co-worker's desk? Remember when Sally (Peanuts) had to wear the eye patch because she had a lazy eye? When she was done with it, Charlie Brown asked what she did with it and she said she gave it to a friend? The next panel shows Snoopy wearing it standing on top of his doghouse with a wooden sword, shouting pirate things. Man, that was good stuff.