Monday, April 25, 2005

Draft thoughts

The NFL Draft is one of my favorite days. It is football in April. A chance to see what the team is going to do this year to improve themselves. The beginning of the new season.

I am not one of those geeks that charts the draft. Hell, I don't know the majority of the players in the first round. I just know who the Cowboys are most likely to take and what their needs are. This morning I was shocked to see the Dallas Morning News gave them a grade of A. That is rare. Those are some of the harshest critics. I thought their draft was good but I don't know if I would go as far as the A.

See, I am one of those geeks that goes to Hooters every year for the draft and sits around drinking pitcher after pitcher with friends until they are thinking about cutting us off. Yep, once again that is what I did on Saturday. It is an annual event for some of us. In some cases, it is he only time we see some people.

This year was much like the others. Got there at noon. Of course Brian was late. Got some buffalo shrimp. Then the wings. Andy would show up which was nice. Had a very good conversation with him about the Packers pick of the QB. (They had to take hm. It is dead money for at least a year. Plus, they weren't able to help that defense at all.) Jimmy showed up a bit later.

Before I knew it, it was past 5. No, spending 5 hours in a Hooters is not too much time. But it was time to leave anyways. Went to a little hole in the wall called Gators. Interesting little bar in a neighborhood. Only 2 stools at the bar were open. Shook for a shot (I lost). Had another beer and was off to the next place, Packys. Last year, Brian and I got loaded there after the draft (or at least I did). This year was a bit of the same. Drank a couple of Guinnesses (or is that Guinessi?), raising a toast to Iggy. Did some Jager bombs. Talked with a guy about Party Poker who claimed he was beating the 30/60 game but I wasn't sure as he had a buddy who was talking about how their is no such thing as one flush being higher than another.

I took off at that point. The others were going to Big Mamas for a couple. I knew I was done. 9 hours can do that to ya. So of course, in my infinite wisdom, I went home and played poker. Worked off a bonus at Party and played SnGs at PokerRoom. Played with some success as I came in second in a $30 SnG (which I tried to get out of but it was too late) and did well in the ring games.

I wish I could have slept in yesterday. Damn family commitments. I did squeeze in some poker though. No beer though. That might have made me feel better though. Hair of the dog works.


James Wigderson said...

The Fort Worth Star Telegram gave the draft an A. So are most of the fans in their online poll.

Ignatious said...

woohoo! thanks for the toast! :)