Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Guess I won't be able to fly Southwest Air

I learned a lot from TV last night.

Besides watching a surgery show where a Romanian lady had a 160 pound tumor removed- which had to weigh more than her- I learned that Southwest Airlines owns your butt as soon as you buy a ticket.

I watched Airline yesterday. What I saw was kind of scary. I am thankful they do not fly out of Milwaukee because the cheap fares may suck me in. For the hassle they give some passengers, the low price would not be worth it.

It seems that in every episode I have seen (maybe 6), there is someone that is either pulled off the plane or not allowed to board because the crew believes they have been drinking. They claim that "they do not want the passenger to harm themselves or others" and can't let them fly. But the real problem here is they do not have to prove you have been drinking. For example, one guy gets pulled off the place because he was sitting next to a man they thought was snookered. They assumed they were together and the captain booted them. Yes, he got booted because the pilot thinks they were traveling together. Doesn't speak with the passenger to confirm it. Because he was sitting next to him, maybe being friendly with some chit chat, he must be with that guy and gets the heave ho. This guy was pissed and rightly so.

That is just plane plain wrong! And they did that to a number of people. The concept of "I think you were drinking" means I can play God and not let you fly should not be tolerated. To them, you are guilty until proven innocent. If they smell some alcohol, they will not let you board. Which may be for the better since they obiviously do not serve drinks on the flight. That is scary too.

And if you cross one of the staff, you surely aren't flying that night. Some chick swore to herself and she was kicked off the plane. You can drop an F-bomb and be denied. I have seen an episode where an overweight guy had to buy a second seat.

Thus, I could never fly on Southwest. I will imbibe in a brew now and then before a flight. The last game of chance I want to play is whether I am getting on their plane or not.

But there is one funny commercial they have for the show. Some drunk dude sitting there, who obviously has been denied entry to the plane, say in his drunkenness "Who are they to say I am abbreviated?!?".

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