Saturday, April 09, 2005

Even more basking

How many times can I type basking? Still basking in the glory of the first place Brewers. Came back to win yesterday in 12. Left too many guys on base though. That is good and bad. Get the on first, but you have to bring them around. Sheets is on the mound today. I am still planning on eating those free George Webb burgers in about a week and a half.

Warm sun out there today. I just got finished doing some "handy" work around the yard. Basically I got out the hammer and started hitting nails all over the fence and shed. Pounded the crap out of the shed to tightened things up.

Then I went to the fence and monkied it back to acceptable. When the guys put the siding on my garage, they had to undo the fence to get the corner done. Problem is, they didn't know what to do with the fence. They told me what they did and I wasn't concerned at the time. But over the winter, this section kept getting blown about. So I another piece of wood and basically hammered it into place.

I give it 1 month before it falls apart again.

But I did have the whole worker look going. Even had some plumbers crack. Hope I didn't get sunburned.

Sometimes 3:30 a.m. comes pretty damn quickly. I had quite a bit of beer in me at that time. Things started quietly enough. I was suppose to play poker but my friend didn't call so that fell through. I headed up to Big Mommas to see if anyone was up there. Just the old fart Pat was there playing the video slots. I spoke with H for a bit. She told me a weird story of what someone had said to her earlier. Basically, she was asked for a pity screw. Told you it was weird.

Thankfully I got the call to join some people at BW3s. After have three of the 23oz Spotted Cows, I knew it was time to play poker. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT- The blazin sauce at BW3 is hot. I won't say that it isn't cuz it is. However, it isn't overpowering hot. Unless you get a healthy dose of it in your mouth. Somehow I was coerced into getting a side of blazin sauce and put it on my burger. It spiced the burger up a bit. However, I made the mistake of putting some more on. You know how sometimes when you eat a burger, that the toppings (tomato, lettuce, onion) get smooshed back when you take a bit. When that happened with the sauce as well. I had put another dose of sauce on because I thought it could use some more. Well, the last bite was like eating a spoonful of the blazin sauce. My mouth was now on fire. And I didn't have a beer to put the fire out. I just about hugged the waiter when he came by with the Spotted Cow.

Did well playing drunken poker. Unfortunately for me it was on my friend's account. Played two SnGs for him and came in 1st and 2nd. When I tried to mimic that success in my own account today, I failed miserably. But I think I see a leak in my game so I can try and fix it. Time to go play poker and plug that gap.

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All Things Dave said...

Strange things happen while playing drunken poker. Betting too much instead of just folding is one thing that happens too much while drinking.

Every think of playing only sober poker? :-)