Friday, April 08, 2005

End of an era

It was in the back of my head yesterday. A lump sum of cash would be deposited into my bank account on Thursday night from my former employer. A bonus for being with the company. To clarify, that company is no more. Forced into sale. The owner didn't have to pay his associates that money but he did out of his own pocket. Some would say he did it for tax purposes or maybe even guilt. Screw them. It was a great gesture and I believe it simply reflected his true character. A man who truly cared about his employees.

But seeing that money today really hit home. It was the end of an era. It was the end of one of the most truly unique working environments in Milwaukee. Already things are different here. Some good, some bad. I don't know if I will be around to witness more changes, though I hope to be.

I will need a job if I continue to play poker like I did last night. Rather atrocious at the SnGs but better at the ring games. No matter what you do in life, I think you should always take a look back and see how you succeeded or failed. Looking back at the way I played in the SnGs, I realized I deserved to lose. Played too many hands on draws. That probably came from playing so much limit lately. That and having the cards go dead cold on me.

So I then thought about it and realized that when the cards are dead, there is one guaranteed way to make them turn around for you. Play Razz. Razz is a card game where the point is to have the worst hand. Straights and flushes don't count. Funny thing happens when I play razz. I get good cards and they pair up quickly.

That will drive one to drink. Ok, so I was already busy drinking down the Leinenkugels in the refrigerator. But playing razz seemed to accelerate it. The tournament I played in was only a buck to get into. Full Tilt runs that once in a while, maybe more, I am not sure but it is good way to learn different games.

At one point I looked to see if I might recognize anyone else playing. I saw that Al (Bonus Code CantHang)was playing and went to sweat him. I wasn't quite sure if he knew who I was or not. My moniker on Full Tilt is not StB. I hope I didn't come off as some kind of stalker or something but I will give Al credit. Extremely friendly to some one he didn't know. Classy. Later when I clarified who I was, he even apologized. No need for that. I hope I will be that good to people when someone starts acting like they know me when I have no clue who they are.

Funny thing that goes on with blogs. There are a number of them I read every day. You get a feeling like you know some people that you never have met. Some days I am disappointed when they haven't updated their site. Makes me feel like the aforementioned stalker. That is why I look forward to meeting this great people in Vegas.

Damn. 7:41 am. The thought of having a Leinies is in my head again. Just about any beer will do. Though it is only (ONLY???)7 1/2 hours until the weekend, it feels like an eternity. Maybe I can phone ahead to Bert's Liquor and have a six pack waiting for me when I swing on by.

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AlCantHang said...

Classy and myself do not belong in the same post, let alone the same paragraph. You'll crush my fragile rep :)

Funny thing, no mention of even playing on the same table as Chris Ferguson.

June. Vegas Baby!