Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Home Opener victory

Yesterdays victory by the Brewers was great. I had a nice comfortable seat. Air around me was warm. Had ice cold water and soda about whenever I needed it.

Yeah, I wasn't able to go to the stadium. Stuck at work watching on the internet.

I did have some people out there and if they would have run into Tara (she commented that I should buy her a beer at the Opener), they would have bought her a beer. Tara, did you get your beer?

The Brewers win and are playing well to start a season. If they could keep this going and be playing like this in August, it will be a great year. They just need to avoid that skid they hit every year where they lose 13 of 15 and play really bad ball. This year could be different.

I hear the Italian won the sausage race. See
Wig, there is another buck you could have won. But you don't go to baseball games anymore. Oh yeah, don't read the next paragraph either.

I heard that TGI Fridays is running some sort of special on the Front Row Grill seats. Maybe I could get the Wig to go in on that. He could bring his son along. The kid can't drink that much soda so that would mean more money available for beer for me (I figure the Wig would have 4 beers and be done). I could down at least one per inning and one more during the 7th inning stretch. Yeah, I need to call him and con him into this one.

Just had an idea that I may do while in Vegas in June. I see the Brewers are playing the Dodgers in L.A. that weekend. I may either drive or fly over to L.A. to catch the Sunday afternoon game. $170 bucks for a flight. Or maybe a rental for around $27. Figure another 40 for gas. How long of a drive is it? Looks to be about 4 1/2 hours. That is doable.

I can feel those gears a-spinning now. Hmm...I would also need to get a hooker so I could use the car pool lane. Damn, the cost just went up!


James Wigderson said...

Actually, the wife and I are debating the feasibility of getting together a group of friends to book a suite for a game. As for how much my kid drinks, he's light on the soda but he's keeping the state dairy industry chugging along. He'll be drinking white russians before too long. And as for my drinking, just keep me away from the scotch...

J. Gambino said...

You'll be better off flying. Hookers make a lot in Vegas. Not that I would know.