Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Brewing up a poker win (or at least trying)

I sat around last night playing poker. I played a multi table tournament and somehow came in 64th out of 385. I was one patient S.O.B. as I didn't catch any good starting hands. Best hand I had was A K off. Then 9 9 and 7 7. That is it. Seriously. I saw the river 3 times. Two were terrible bluffs by me. Other than that, I played nothing. Didn't even play K J. If I saw it, I would have. I then played a SnG and came in 4th when I forced someone to go all in with a short stack. He made a bad call but caught one of his two outs on the turn. Of course, I didn't hit one of my two outs and got knocked out a bit later. So now I know what I need to do. Walk away for a day or two. Time to hit happy hour and then play some drunken poker.

As I played, I had the Brewers on in the background. They talk to a Milwaukee Bucks player, Maurice Williams, who is at the stadium taking in the game on his day off. The guy interviewing him (some scrub that maybe half of the city knows?) asks why he is wearing an Angels cap. Williams blabs on about needing a hat and that is what he had, blah, blah, blah. The he says, he is "all about supporting the home team" and the Brewers need to "take care of him" and give him a free hat. What is the minimum wage for an NBA? Turns out it is $385,000. No, this isn't some guy signed to a 10 day contract either. His making at least $385,000 and he can't afford a $20 hat? Screw him! What a joke this clown is. I bet he got the ticket for free too.

While this sham of a an interview is happening, people are goofing off behind him getting on their cell phones and waving to the camera. This always sets me off. There is nothing I hate more that seeing some doofus sitting behind the plate yapping on a cell phone, waving to the camera. Big fricken' deal that you are on TV buddy. You have no idea how idiotic you truly look. You have killer seats and you aren't paying attention to the game. You are a real fan! Brewers announcer Bill Schroeder begins to rag on people that go to ballgames and talk on their phones. You go Bill! He mentions he would like to see a cell free section where the clowns at the stadium wouldn't be allowed to use their phone. One problem though. Cingular is a sponsor.

I never understand why people are slaves to their phones. If the phone rings, you do not have to answer it. That is the beauty of caller ID. You see who it is and whether you want to speak to them. I do this all the time. That is what voice mail is for. Yet others will flip out the phone as soon at the first ring tone is sounded. Others around them will grab their phone hoping it is theirs even though their ring tone is nothing like the one they just heard.

Same as the guys who go into the restroom to speak on their phones in a public place. This is when I like to loudly clear my throat or find any reason to flush the toilet. Or I wish I had the Burrito Bel Grande bursting through my system. It would make my day to once, just once, crank out some seriously loud gas in a quiet restroom where some dolt is talking on his cell phone. That wouldn't stop them in the future but it may make them think twice about where they are.


J. Gambino said...

Not to "toot" my own horn, but there is a person who talks on their phone in the restroom at work about the same time every day. This usually concides with right after my lunch time. Yesterday, they had Italian sausage w/peppers, onions on a bed of pasta. I knew the grease would take its toll. Well, the cell phone user was driven out, not sure if it was because of Mount Vesuvius erupting, or my singing, "That's Amore."

StB said...

How was E able to comment as Janet?