Friday, April 01, 2005

The hunt is on for a turd burglar

Yep. That was the actual sentence used in a news story on my pager yesterday. I am not shittin' you either (bwahahahahaha). See it here.

I have the haikus out of my system for now. Part of me thought of doing limericks today but my brain is still soaked from yesterday's happy hour happiness. It was a good time.

Fourteen (?) of us swarmed into a sleepy little tavern called the Commodore. The place is just a block away from my house so it is very convenient. I hadn't been in the Commodore for a couple of years. And not much has changed since I was last in it.

For example, I still don't think they have cleaned the beer lines. The Lite tasted funny (go ahead Dave, insert your joke now). So did the other tap beers. I should know because I tried them all. I went down the line drinking Miller High Life, Lite, Sprecher Amber, Sam Adams and Honkers Ale. No, I refused to drink Budweiser. And the Icehouse was gone. I tell you, that can really ruin a night when the tap beer tastes funny. Tavern owners, I implore you, take the time to clean out your beer lines!!!

I am not sure why we chose to have happy hour at the Commodore. Was it the dollar tacos? The cheese bowling? The chess?The dark atmosphere? Or was it the band that started playing at 7? Some four piece outfit that played some bluesy music. It was ok, filled the time. Looked like the regulars liked them. But the kids didn't. There was some big guy who came into the bar around the time the band started with two boys, about 14 and 10, I would guess. They sat in the front. The kids scowled all the time they were there. I watched as they moped around. Meanwhile, Pops (?), got out his harmonica, grabbed a mic and joined in with the band. Really strange looking at first. Some guy gets up and decided to play with the band. Then tambourine man comes along as well. The drummer that will play on Saturday is playing the freaking tambourine in the back of the bar as he talks with someone. He then walks around the bar likes he owns the place playing that damn tambourine. WTF? I wanted to grab that damn tambourine and toss it outside. Now if it was cowbell...

While drinking, I noticed this Mid Eastern guy doing something strange at the bar. He would order two shots of J&B, dump them into his beer glass and then pour beer into it. Scotch and beer? Ok.

One thing I must say is bad about the Commodore is the use of the shorty pitchers. Not quite sure what they charged for them but don't use 32oz pitchers. This isn't a dwarf bar. Get a normal size pitcher.

Tacos are good for a buck. Will give you some serious gas but good nonetheless.

Overall, the Commodore is what it is. A neighborhood bar that draws from the neighborhood. Tap beer stinks. Food is ok. Basically, a place to stop into once in a while, not to hang out.

Talked with Gambino a bit about the next stop and when. It is being kicked around. Someone had suggested a Mexican bar/restaurant so there could be a margarita happy hour in the works. Me? I am searching for a nice beer garden somewhere on the south side.

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