Thursday, April 28, 2005

Look for the union label

It is sad when the message you are trying to convey is sent to through a terrible vehicle. It is even worse when someone who disagrees with your message laughs out loud at your blunder.

I give up for your review the car I was behind today. There was a bumper sticker on it that had an American flag and it read "Organize". My first (and only thought) is that his guy is a union chief somewhere. Personally, I think unions are a total waste and are leading to the downfall of the country's major industries. The carry workers who are milking the system, performing poorly, and hold companies back. Yes, the flip side is that the executives are making too much money in comparison to the factory workers but that is a different story.

This car is tooling along at 58 in the left lane. That alone is enough to raise my ire, but the bumper sticker makes me think. Organize. If I am right he wants everyone to join a union. Look where this has gotten you Sparky. You are driving a Metro. No, not just a Metro. A Metro that is falling apart. From the back I could see that the fabric on the ceiling was falling down and a speaker was propped up against the window. As I passed the car vehicle, I notices the window on the driver's door was falling out and the tape job was barely holding on.

So I now know if I join a union, I too can be driving a crappy broken down car around too!

The Cowboys have signed another cornerback in Aaron Glenn. Not bad as the price is right. They now have a nickel back to shore up the defensive backfield. There is hope that the sixth pick of Beriault can fill the safety position. He doesn't have great speed but they say if the ball carrier is in front of him, he ain't getting by him.

It is only Thursday morning but I am already thinking about happy hour. I hear my friend broke her ankle so she won't be there. Tough break for that family. The oldest daughter (age 5?) broke her wrist a week or two ago and now mom breaks an ankle. She is having surgery on Friday. Why is it that now if you break a bone, they send you in for surgery? No more slapping a cast on it? I will have to raise a beer in her honor tonight.

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J. Gambino said...

So what do you drink to toast a broken ankle? I am thinking a vodka sour with a "twist."