Friday, April 29, 2005

Beer, Redemption and this little party I throw called Summerfest

I feel good this morning. Happy hour was a good time. Made some cash playing drunken poker. And then I am informed that Night Ranger will be coming to Summerfest once again. Don't have to worry about tickets this time. Check out who else will be there at Pollstar.

Fridays are the best day of the week.

And a decent happy hour too. Went to TGI Fridays down at Miller Park for some beers after work. With the Brew Crew out of town, we could get drunk and stay all night if we wanted. But we took off after happy hour was over. It was your average happy hour special. $2 tappers, $1.99 Long Island Ice Teas. Oh, and the ladies got to drink for free from 5 until 6. Yeah, I bet some of you wish you had come out now, don't ya? Plus their were some cheap appetizers.

One of the nicest things about the place is the location. Friday is located in the left field corner so you have a spectacular view of the field. The roof was open and the sun shined on the grass. Miller Park is one of the best in the country. Check it out.

But I am a bit concerned about the attendance in our quest for the perfect happy hour. It has dipped. I won't name names, but, oh hell yeah, I will name names. Yesterday, it popped a bit with a newbie (Roger) and a returner (Paul), but others have disappeared (Lisa). Why hath thou forsaken us? Poor Nancy broke an ankle so we raised a drink to her (As Gambino suggested, something with a twist). So you will be mocked until your faces show up again.

Now we need to figure out our next stop. I propose some place with a beer garden. It isn't quite warm enough yet, but it will be.

Last thought for now: I didn't think much about the shirt I wore today. It is a dark blue button down featuring the logo of a company I worked for about 8 years ago. It was bought by the company that was bought by the company that I work for now. The blue shirt with the jeans and hiking boots had me thinking as I walked into the building today. I look like the janitors here. I hope they don't expect me to clean toilets or something.

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BG said...

I guess in the fictional realm of my online poker alter-ego, you are my protege. Thanks for helping me out on the article!