Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Maybe it was the Hamms bear

A bear was spotted on 124th and Burleigh. The freeway (maybe a quarter mile away) had the exits closed by the county's finest, slowing down traffic. For some reason, why do I think these goofballs thought they might actually see the bear?

The zoo, which is a couple miles north of the area must be having fun today. First phone call is probably asking if they lost a bear. How would you like to be the person to accept that call? So a zoo rep will be on TV today talking about a story that may or may not be true.

My bet? It was a big raccoon that some old bitty saw.

Anyways, on to more meaningless stuff. Played poker last night. Came in 20th (out of 393) and won $20. Gave a pint of blood. Came in 8th out of 30 and got some Grandma's chewy chocolate chip cookies. Watched some porn and cam..oh never mind.

Yeah, that was my attempt at humor this morning.

That is what happens when a job interview you thought was cancelled because a recruiter was suppose to get back to you with an address but never did calls 25 minutes after the supposed interview and asks why you weren't there and you tell them that you thought there was no interview because of the conversation you had with their associate who said that her opinion was that you weren't quite qualified but she would let you know but didn't let you know so you didn't go but now you find out they did want to talk to you afterall. (yeah I could have cut up that sentence but the coffee is kicking in now). Anyway, supposedly this company may want to meet with me but the recruiter is now on vacation and didn't leave a message with me either way.
I am not holding my breath.

Besides, I may have other plans for this week. Such as:
Happy Hour at TGI Friday's at Miller Park. Drinking some beer with friends is above any job right now. They can wait until Friday.

Other meaningless thoughts today include:
Edy's has a banana graham caramel ice cream out that rocks. I will be fat at the end of the week just chowing this stuff down.

Does walking down stairs have any exercise value? When you go upstairs, you feel it. But going down? (get your minds out of the gutter on that one).

Hmm...the Syrians have pulled out of Lebanon. Yeah, President Bush's policies don't work. Democracy won't work. What the hell are we thinking?


James Wigderson said...

It really was a bear. Bob and Brian did the play-by-play on the bear getting hit with a tranqulizer, climbing the tree and falling into the net. Pretty funny.

Aleta said...

Yes, Steve the bear is a true story. Just watched it on the 11 a.m news. He's safe..I know you were worried..