Thursday, April 07, 2005


Still basking in the glow of the first place Milwaukee Brewers baseball club. Two games in and it feels good. I know it won't last. It would be amazing if they could simply play competitive ball and finish above .500. That would be a successful season.

And why can't they do that? I think they have enough to hit that simple goal.

I have had some people laugh at my comments on the Brewers being undefeated. Yes, I am a bit exaggerated when I boast of their success after just two games. But why be negative? Why do some people need to go and shit on the hopes and dreams of others? Everyone knows someone who is like that. They just can't enjoy someone else's happiness or good fortune.

Isn't life about optimism? From the moment you wake up to the moment you lay down to sleep.

When you wake in the morning, you hope to have a good day. A good breakfast, good cup of coffee. Clothes are clean, you don't have to go searching for a missing sock. Car keys are right where you left them. Traffic is fine, no one cutting you off. You find a good parking spot. Someone holds the elevator for you. You get a little chit chat in with colleagues before getting down to the job of the day. PC doesn't crash on you. You get your work done quickly, even popping in some ideas that are praised by the boss.

Your work day is done and you treat yourself to a beverage at the local pub. Bartender is happy to see you. Quickly pours you a frosty one. Conversation with the barkeep is fresh, friendly and funny. Friends arrive and you have a good time.

You go home to have dinner. Enjoy a delicious meal. Play some poker or watch tv. When you play poker, you hope to catch some good cards, make some great plays and come out ahead. On the tube, you just hope the show isn't a re-run or that you can find something that is better. Maybe call some friends to set things up for the weekend.

And then you go to sleep.

Every day you hope that things will go your way. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen that way. But some days it does. Now just think how miserable you would be woke up with a negative attitude, expecting the whole day to just suck.

If that is the case, why bother? Do me a simple favor. Stay away from me.

I would rather go through the day believing that good things will happen. I believe I can make good things happen. Otherwise my life would suck (keep your pithy comments to yourself there).

As some would see it, why should I be so optimistic? My current job as is will end on May 26th. Then I will be unemployed. That is bad.

Yes and no. I go to Vegas on June 2. I will get to meet and play poker with some of the people that write some great blogs. Sounds fantastic to me! I have a nice severance package to tie me over if I don't find a job right away. I may take the summer off.

Life at the poker tables would be atrocious if I came in not thinking I would win. What fun would that be? Time at a bar would be wasted (that was scary typing that) if some person just came in and bitched all the time.

Hell, what fun would life be if you were pessimistic all the time?

I tell you one thing right now, I am optimistic that no matter what, I will enjoy a nice beer tonight.

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