Thursday, April 07, 2005

My fellow drinkers...

I am humbled to see that I have been nominated for blog of the week over at MKE. Or is that stupified. Or amazed.

Any way go vote. Show the people that those of us who dabble in alcoholic beverages, play poker, and gamble til the cows come home are the voice of the future!

MKE Blog of the week

Of course what would a vote be without a proper speech? Think Mayor Quimby as you read this:

My fellow drinkers...the time has come for us to be heard. Our peoples have been decimated by the do gooders. Those who have not had the sweet nectar of alcohol pass through their lips, or over their tongue should not tell us what to do! Look what they have done to our happy hour. Practically non-existent in this fair city of ours. The masses used to come out for Double Bubble. Now, they go home to their families! This disturbs me.

I ask you to come and join us. The drinking season is just beginning to get into full swing. The hunt for the best happy hour is already underway. The Brewers season has just started. Tailgate advice galore. Summerfest. Need I say more? And look for the Drinking for Jesus Tour 2005 to be announced soon.

See a vote for While Drinking, I... is a vote for the Lord. I will be about to many a church festival, enjoying Miller products, and giving to the local parishes (or is that parishi?).

A vote for While Drinking, I... is a vote for the local economy. Do you know how much Miller I consume over a year? I bet I alone may have caused the hiring of at least one more brewery worker. If I count my companions, it may be a shift! So help the economy.

A vote for While Drinking, I... is a vote for George Webbs and Dennys. Who hasn't hit one of these fine establishments at 3a.m.???

A vote for While Drinking, a vote for the community. Tavern owners across this fine, fine city of ours need more business to keep the smile on their faces and their top shelf full. Who else will sponsor our softball and volleyball teams?

A vote for While Drinking, I... is a testament to our love for poker (bonus code IGGY) and other games of chance where entertainment values run high.

I promise you, fellow drinkers and readers, that a vote for While Drinking, I... will harvest great results. I promised a case in every cooler, a keg in every kitchen, a beer at every Brewers game! I promise you I will buy a drink FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!!

Vote today!

Thank you!

MKE Blog of the week


J. Gambino said...

but a single tear rolling down my cheek

James Wigderson said...

I dunno, my friend. You're up against Dynagirl, and she describes her feet on her blog.
my monkey feet. "Handy for swinging from tree branches, yes, but resulting in a foot shape naturally prone to such bunions."

saffers said...

I voted for your blog.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh nooo... monkey feet, swinging from trees... it sounds way too much like it could be koala not a monkey. tell me it ain't so. go StB

All Things Dave said...

Ya just got my vote.

Good luck to ya.

Tara said...

I expect a beer in my hand (from YOU) on opening day. Otherwise I'm emailing MKEonline and telling them I want my vote back.