Monday, May 23, 2005

Being drunk blah blah blah part 2

I like going to trade shows. Hours of entertainment are there right before your eyes. It is better than the freak show at a circus. Plus, you might get free beer.

So where was I? Oh yeah, sitting at the DirectTV booth drinking their beer 4 ounces at a time. I wasn't picky at this point. Whatever someone grabbed, I drank it. I had drank 3 cans of Lite already (24 ounce cans), plus a High Life and had chowed down on the free fried food one of the the biggers companies was distributing. Don't know the name of the company but I did enjoy the poppers, fried mac and cheese, onion rings, pot stickers, etc. What a way a to start the day. Beer and deep fried food. Only thing I needed was a poker game which NTN was doing on the other side of the convention hall. Heard Phil Gordon would be there too at some time.

I did see some guy with the Haywood Jablome tag. Nice.

As we drink the beer I notice the 3 people seated at the end of the "bar". Cute blond wearing a pink top. Also had the leopard print pink thong going on too. I approved. I like these people because they were doing the same thing we were. Getting blitzed on free beer. But they had a better advantage by being at the bar. They were right by the little stuffed footballs that DTV was giving out. So they are tossing them all around to people. Throwing footballs across to anyone who wanted one. Cracked me up. Even made me jealous.

After a bit, it did get boring so we took off from there and headed towards the Coke set up. Heard they were serving mixers down there. Sure enough, bottles of Bacardi and Jack are being turned up and drained out. I had a couple Full Throttles and vodka. Don't see why that is so popular. I also had some Southern and Coke (Sorry Al, they would just give the SoCo straight, they insisted on adding the coke).

From there it was on to the meat area for more food. After a little more walking it was decided we should head back to the train station and hit a bar there. I think the place was called Snuggers. That doesn't matter to me. As long as they had cold beer, they could call it anything they wanted. Serving us was a huge black guy. Very nice guy who believed giving samples was a standard rule. Tried the Sam Adams Summer Ale. Very good. Next tried the Goose Island 312 Ale. Tasted pretty hoppy. Must be an IPA. Grabbed some more beer for the train and before we knew it, it was time to go.

I see why the trip is made. It is a good time. Something different. It also reminds me of the times I went to Vegas to work the financial conventions. It is better to be on the visitor side than the exhibitor side. Mainly because you can drink while there. It also reminds me of the great movie idea I had a couple years ago. Tradeshow. A day in the life of some guy working a trade show. I am telling you it is gold!

I still think my site looks messed up. From my view, which I have checked on a couple of different pcs, the side bar has fallen to the bottom. When I click on comments, it looks correct, but not on the main page. I don't know what I did to mess it up. At the very least, it may be a good reason to change the look. Any ideas on a good place to hit for a new skin is appreciated.

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