Sunday, May 22, 2005

So you think I am drunk? Part 1

Yeah, maybe I was, or am now, but I had a great day. To make it a point of record I cracked my first beer at 7:16 am CST. What I on a mission? Hell yeah! I made sure I didn't drink any coffee in fear I would spend a lot of time in the traveling crapper on the train from Milwaukee to Chicago. On the train, there were a couple more 24oz cans to keep me satiated until we hit the restaurant convention in Chicago.

That is where hell set in. We had to wait an hour and a half for some city ordinance to expire so we could drink. Hell on Earth! So we ate every fried food you could think of. Onion rings, fries, pork rolls, potstickers, deep fried mac and cheese, poppers- if they made it, we ate it! There was a lot of grease going around with the deep fried foods. And that was just breakfast.

At the stroke of 11am, we hit the Bud booth (yes, I had to lower my standards) for a beer. I tried the Select and really didn't understand the hype. It sure the hell ain't as good as Miller Lite.

So we headed over to the Direct Tv bar area where they served Coors Light and Killians Red. Now this was better. Beer that was tolerable plus we could plunk our asses on a bar stool. And that is what we did for the next 3 hours.....

To be continued because I cannot type much more. Typing while drinking doesn't necessarily work.

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