Monday, May 09, 2005


Thank the Lord for vacation days. No, not today but Friday afternoon. After taking the time to get up, go to work, write one pathetic little blog entry, attend a meeting that I thought was mandatory, I skipped out at noon to kick the weekend off early. Had some Chinese with a friend and it was off to Berts to get some beer.

I was hoping they would still have the Beck's Light for a $1.99/sixpack. Gone. That was a helluva deal for a good beer. Alas, I grabbed a 4 pack of Sprecher and went to play some poker. Had to work a bonus off plus get my mind into the zone for the upcoming Vegas trip that is LESS than a month away now. I will be playing a lot of limit out there so I needed to sharpen those skills up a bit.

So I sat, drank, and played poker. Exciting stuff to read about huh? Made a bit of money, not much, but a profit before heading out to Big Mamas to watch the Brewers. Caught up with some others and drank enough 32oz mugs to drown a cow. Of course, I went home and fired up the pc to engage in another round of drunken poker. Made a big mistake here. Never, and I repeat never, play a ring game after imbibing for the previous 7 hours. SnGs are the prime game to play when buzzed up. It will usually take up enough time for you to pass out and you won't lose that much. You will likely tilt at the ring game and buy back in. Again. And again. Your pair of 5s suddenly looks like a monster to 3 overcards on the board. Don't let that happen to you. See, drunken poker doesn't always have a happy ending.

So I woke up on Saturday, a bit perturbed about my late night session. I only dumped 50 bucks but it was the principal. I should have known better. So it was time to fire it up again and recoup those duckets. Which I did. Played a MTT and some ring and got back those lost dollars. I then tore myself away form the computer to do some chores around the house.

Get the lawn mower started. Check
Wash all those dishes. Check.
Laundry. Check
Clean out bathroom drain. Disgusting. Check.
Vaccuum. check. Back to playing poker because I was reading a poker book. Funny how that happens. Whenever I read a book to strengthen my game, I get distracted and need to play. That can't be good.

I think I need to check into my bathroom drain a bit more though. I undid the pipes below to clean out the crap that was slowing it down. Thankfully, it was all above the trap. I pushed out (with a snake) some black, rubbery, hard gelatinous goop. As I said, it was quite disgusting. Worse, is that this is the second time I have done this in roughly 6 months. I can't help but wonder what is causing this. I probably should flush some of that pipe bacteria down and see if that helps.

Where was I? Oh yeah, back to playing poker. As much as everyone loves to have the fish at their table, it is just about guaranteed that you will have one session where the worst player you have ever seen will play every single hand and win. Your aces will get cracked. Your flopped straight will hit runner runner to give them a flush. Your flush will be taken down by 9 4 off suite when he fills his full house. You will watch monster pots go to the other side of the table. It will piss you off.

That was my Saturday afternoon session. 100 bones gone in an hour as I had people hit their runner runner flush with 5 3 suited, calling all capped rounds pre and post flop to hit their flush. Aces cracked by J 6 offsuit when the J hits the river. Yep, they hung in with bottom pair hoping to catch 1 of 3 outs. And they did.

Thankfully, I was going to the Brewers game. It was Ben Sheets bobblehead day. Whoo hoo! At least that is what everyone else was thinking. We got there late, about 15 minutes prior to game time. There is a huge line waiting to get in at the home plate gate. We walk up and buy our nose bleed tickets. Those were trivial. We would never sit in the seats. Miller Park is a great place to walk around and view from all different angles. Right corner. Deep center. Upper bleachers. Right behind the plate, maybe 15 yards from the batter. That might be the best view in the league (this coming form someone who has been at 3 stadiums).

As I had said, there was a huge line waiting to get in. Why? We got our tickets, walk 20 feet to our right and walked right in by the club seats. What a bunch of suckers out there waiting in line! Funnier is that a crowd of 35,000 was there probably to get the bobblehead more than to see the game. So the team made some good money.

So did some beer vendors. We walked around drinking beer. Well, a good quantity of beer to say the least. Brewers would get to Pedro Martinez but give the runs back. In the end, they would lose. Went to Fridays to get another beer when the old guy wouldn't serve us at the bottom of the seventh. This sucked because we were at the counter. I ordered 2 beers. But the old guy waited until after the manager came over and told everyone to pull the taps. I tried to argue with Roy, saying I was already here, and ordered but he was having none of it. It kinda pissed me off that as Roy told me I couldn't have the beer, the two people to his right start pouring taps to people who just walked up. WTF?

So, with our throats all dried up, barely able to walk from dehydration, we head to Fridays to see if we can get a couple in there. Score! Place is crowded, with everyone herded in by the bar. There were some trashed college kids 3 deep by the bar. Had to wade in to get the golden elixir. Talked with one dude who made little sense. But because I speak drunkese, I understood everything.

I pushed away from the bar and we grabbed a table. Knowing full well we shouldn't be sitting there, we waited to see what would happen. A waitress comes by and assumes we had been seated. Sweet. We order some nachos because I am starving. It occurs to us at this point it would be so easy to dine and ditch. Too easy. No, we paid the bill and left. We mainly wanted to kill some time to let the parking lot empty. Went back to Big Mamas and had another beer before calling it a night.

On Sunday, I did absolutely nothing. Was going to go to mothers but she was at my sisters. I could have still gone over there to mow the lawn but I wasn't too motivated. I even rationalized that it would be a mistake with all the traffic at the Brewers game. Yes, I was better off staying home and playing poker.

I know, what a bum!

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