Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I got the news today, oh boy!

Unfortunately, it wasn't what I was hoping to hear. A company I had interviewed with gave the position to someone else. Oh well, it happens.

Though disappointed, I found the reaction of the recruiter who called me and set everything up to be quite interesting. They had called me a couple of times, eagering trying to get me to stop in their offices to speak with them about this opportunity and others. After I interviewed with them they said I may not be qualified for this position but would see what they could do. I would hear from them the next day.

A week later they call asking if I would still be interested. I was so I went to speak with the company last Tuesday. I thought it went well (but apparently not well enough). I spoke with someone at the recruiters after the interview, as they requested. I was told they would get back to me by the end of the week. No, they didn't call.

So I spoke with them yesterday and was given the update. The tone is the girl's voice was what really grabbed my attention. It was empty. Uninterested. Because I wasn't going to make them a commission, the eagerness they had to speak with me was long gone. Like a stripper at a gentleman's club, once the money is gone, so is their interest in talking to you.

Aw screw them. I am going to Vegas in 23 days.

I forgot to mention one of the highlights from Brewers game on Saturday. In the bottom of the 3rd inning they have a kid announce the first 3 batters for the Brewers. Game after game I wished for a kid, any kid, to rip one off instead of stumbling through the names. Finally, this girl hit one out of the park.

"Batting for the Brewers, third baseman, Russssssssssseelllllllllllllll Brannnnnnnnyan!" Perfect stadium announcer voice! I was so surprised I just about dropped my beer. Just. About. No dropping occurred.

Finally, I am working on a new drinking essentials topic. Yesterday I read Al's entry about his Key West trip and it got me to thinking. Without giving the topic away, I read his entry and realized it is a common problem. I have run into this issue a couple of times in the past, and will run into it again in the future. Hopefully, I can offer some ideas to help everyone out.


AlCantHang said...

ah Christ. This should be good....

J. Gambino said...

Sorry to hear about the job issue. You are right, screw 'em.