Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Drinking for Jesus 2005

Yes, it is that time of the year again. Time to start thinking about the Drinking for Jesus Tour 2005. For the uninitiated, DfJ is the sampling of many different church fesitivals in the greater Milwaukee area. Why go to church when you can just hit the festivals? I give as much money in beer sales as I would give in offerings so I figure I might as well get a couple of beers out of it. The good Lord must approve because he still has His people throwing these shindigs every year.

This year, I have decided to include other non-denominational events as part of the DfJ tour. But how can you equate something like Dan Jansen Fest or Summerfest to a church festival? I see it as two ways. First, Jesus would have wanted it that way. To spend more time with my brothers and sisters enjoying the moment. What would Jesus do? He would buy us the first round, that's what he would do!

Second, I think we invoke the Lord many times while at other fesitivals. For example, I am sure if you listen, you will hear these phrases:

"God, I need another beer!"

"Christ, the line is long for the portopotties"

"Lord, did you see the jugs on her?!?!?"

See it is true. God is with you where ever you go. Thusly I must include others place of non-worship as part of Drinking for Jesus 2005.

So I consider this past Saturday to have been the warm session for DjJ 2005. Went down to a little thing called Hartfest. Situated in a parking lot in Hart Park in Wauwatosa, it didn't consist of much. One beer tent, one stage, and food. That be all. I thought this was the bigger Tosafest but was mistaken. It was just a ok time. Caught the end of the first band, Old Mill. I would say they were just ok. Didn't catch enough to give a better report. They played the typical rock you hear at these things. Basic guitar riffs, nothing overly talented. I must say I just about busted a gut when the guy started singing Lita Ford. Um, dudes should not sing Kiss Me Deadly. Nuff said. I also laughed watching these guys. The lead guitar was trying to get the moves down, but just looked like a goof. Later the Love Monkeys, Milwaukee's most overrated band, played. Yawn. They were good maybe 10 years ago. Now, just a band for those who don't try new music, or have no taste, go to see. Yeah they bring in a decent crowd by their 15 minutes of fame are over. Put a fork in them.

I am bumming a bit this morning as I just realized June 2 is a Thursday not a Wednesday. That means one more work day until Vegas. Crap! Maybe tomorrow I have the Vegas post with the shoot-me-an-email-to-swap-number-and-meet-up-somewhere-and-drink-massive-quantities-of-alcohol-on-the-first-night stuff. And for those keeping score at home, 9 days.

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