Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Efilnikcufecin- A wardance with an old friend

The other day I was looking for a CD to play in my car. I knew what artist I would grab instantly because of this little ditty. But I wasn't quite sure which disc. My eyes were immediately drawn in to one.

"I'm the walking doom!"

Yep, more Anthrax. Among the Living. But what amazed me was how it sunk in right from the opening riff. Before I knew it, a smile was coming across my face as I drove and the music came pounding out of the speakers. I probably hadn't played this in at least 3 years, having owned it for easily over a decade. It brought back memories of when I had it on cassette, blasting it in college.

"Which one of these words, don't you understand? "
I remember a friend back in the college days who hated it when I played Anthrax. He was a KISS fan. Lived it, breathed it, bled it. He didn't like the hard and fast stuff like Megadeth or Metallica (back when they were good). Me, I was just getting into it. Funny how I always liked Anthrax more than either of the aforementioned other bands. Something here was different to me.

"Tell me a story"
As I drove the last couple of days, I also became aware that it took me so long to finally see Anthrax live. Offhand it was only a couple of years ago when they opened up for Judas Priest. I felt like I was 20 years old, banging my head away just outside the mosh pit. Yep, back in the day when moshing met something before some punk little kids stole the concept and started moshing to stuff like Blink. The music powered out of these huge speakers leaving my ears ringing for a day. But it was great.

With the warm weather, it has been great driving around with the top down, good music playing. Weaving in and out of traffic simply because I can. Listening to Indians and thinking of how I never cared about the political tone of the song. I didn't care. I don't necessarily agree with it either but the song rocks. I think I played it 3 times after having beer and wings last night. It gets the blood flowing.

"There's nothing I hate more, than all these plastic people"
I have enjoyed pulling up next to the ghetto cruiser or mini van, watching the soccer mom roll up the windows or the rap guy turn up his music a bit more. I like the reaction you get from playing music that isn't necessarily mainstream. Yeah, there may be other bands that play music like Anthrax but they have the same sound. They don't have the riff that I hear in every disc.

This morning, Among the Living was replaced with Persistence of Time. It just about was the Sound of White Noise, which will probably be next. I really should pop these onto the pc and download to my Palm (yeah, I may be the only person who uses a Palm Pilot instead of an Ipod. Hey, it was free!) so I can take them along to Vegas.

What I would suggest to you is go look at the music you have and pull something old out and give it a listen. I have done this many a time with Poision, Motley Crue, Def Leppard and others. Before you know it, you are listening to the next album they put out and then the next and next. So grab that disc that got a lot of play back in the 80s or 90s and enjoy it once again. The memories alone will be worth it. Just make sure no one sees you singing along looking like a big dork.


Huge Junk said...

I've been not only listening to and buying my old favorites recently, but seeking out anything by those same artists that I may have never given a listen to.

I tend to stick with old school hip hop like De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, etc. but I don't turn when I hear the occasional metal song from the mid to late 80's.

AlCantHang said...

Indians is the official BadBlood/AlCantHang poker song. Rolling towards the money or the finish of a big Multi, throw it on and you'll cruise right through.

\m/ \m/