Friday, May 06, 2005

Essential Drinking items Part II

It has been a while since I informed the general public of some useful drinking information. Thus, just like the flask, today's item is a must for all beer drinkers.

I am talking about the church key.

Yes, the church key. Raise your hands if you know what that is.

Uh oh. I am seeing some hands but not enough.

A church key is a bottle opener. The modern day version (as I prefer to think of it) is one that is attached to your key chain so you always can open that bottle of beer when you need one.

Now it is quite easy to get a church key nowadays as they are usually given out as promotional items. I got one the other day in the shape of a small beer bottle. Sometimes they take the form of a football, basketball or baseball depending on the season. I have them from radio stations, utility companies, import, domestics, all kinds of places.

My favorite though is the Smithwicks on my key chain. A nice brass opener. Has a bit of heft to it. Perfect size. Plus, it is a nice conversation starter.

Yes, the church key has been around for many a year. And yet a lot of people do not know what it is, or are amazed to see someone with one on their key chain. That scares me. What is so weird about someone pulling out their keys to open a bottle of beer? Happens all the time around me.

So besides having a flask, you must have a church key to pop them bottle open. We all know beer tastes better out of a bottle than a can. So unless you are drinking the hard stuff or a nice draught Irish ale, get a church key today!

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All Things Dave said...

Once again the advice in this blog proves that it should be mandatory reading for all drinkers.

I did get a hip flask as a gift from one of those site you recommended.

Another tip - get a cheap corkscrew and keep it in the glove compartment of your car. Many times with friends someone will have a bottle of wine but nobody will have an opener. Having one in your glovebox will save the day.

Regarding the church key - just don't waste it on opening any girly-type lite beers.