Thursday, May 12, 2005

Laziness be gone

I knew I was in a bit of a predicament. There were some factors I had control over and others I did not. Being the smart guy that I am, I moved into action on what I could.

Now I have food, beer (Leinenkugels Big Butt Dopplebock), underwear and longer grass. I pissed out in 50th spot in my quest to play Event #2 at the WSOP. And I watched the last episode of the Amazing Race quite happy that Uchenna and Joyce won. They ran a good race and deserved to win. So did Rob and Amber. One thing that kept pissing me off during the who race this time was the petty attitude that everyone held toward R&A. It was pathetic. I don't care who they are, or if they have won already. Get over it. Stop being jealous.

Thanks to Al, I spent a good portion of the day perusing the tequila selection that will be at the after tournament party (ATP). My hat is off to the man. Anyone who can organize a party 3000 (just a guess) miles away will always get my nod. Good to see that they have some good stuff there. Though I am not a tequila connoisseur, I can drink it when there is some quality there. My personal fave is the Cabo Wabo. I am a bit familiar with a couple others on the list and may partake in a taste testing.

I will also have to remember to heed my own advice. If the tournament starts at 10, the ATP at 5, there will be some solid consumption in the middle. No matter what, I must fight the urge to become "El Champion de la Cantina!"

It also gave me a thought. Maybe the bounty on my head for the tourney could be a Yard of Margarita for the person who takes me out. That will be kicked around a bit.

And for those who look through the menu provided above, skip the last page. Tequila and coffee? Ugh!

One of the items I bought at the store last night was "Depth Charge" Espresso Coffee. Saturday morning sure will be interesting.

Some happy hour barhopping has been established for tomorrow. The newer establishments by my castle will be reviewed. I have heard good things about some of these places. Now is the time to put them to the test.

As for my grass, well, it doesn't look too good. Rain until at least Sunday. If it rains on Saturday, I just may be forced to go to the Lakefront Brewery for the day.

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