Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Onto the Political Soapbox before I talk about tequila

Milwaukee, and Wisconsin for that matter, are slowly becoming the joke of the election. According the the Journal, over 400 fraudulent votes were cast in the city. Now they do not say who those votes went to or if they swayed the election. I don't care about that.

What I do care about is my vote counting. I do not care about the minority being "disenfranchised". What about the franchised (I believe that is the correct term)? What about the citizens of this city that did not commit fraud or did not illegally vote? Because crooks were able to cheat, my vote has become diluted.

But no one is sticking up for me. Oh wait, yes, there are some. They are trying to pass a measure where you would need to show an ID to be able to vote. Sounds tough huh? But our governor is worried about those who want to cheat the system not being able to cheat the system. If you know you need an ID, get one if you don't have one. If you are not prepared when you go to the polls, too bad. Showing an ID is so easy. Anyone who says elsewise is an idiot.

It is time we start concerning ourselves with the citizen that pays his/her taxes, goes to work everyday, gives back to the community, is simply an asset to society, instead of those rigging the election. We should not have our right to vote put at risk.

Screw the disenfranchised! If you did not get yourself properly registered, or a valid ID, then you have given up your right to vote. Don't dilute my vote.

Now let me get to my tequila...

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