Thursday, May 19, 2005

Morbid fascination

I finally got around to washing my dishes. I usually let them stack up and do them on a Saturday. There aren't that many to wash so they can wait a couple of days. I never did them this past weekend. I was too busy exploring the bottom of beer glasses, an expedition that would have put Lewis and Clark to shame. Alas, the bottom of a beer glass is just glass. *sigh*

If I had known it would rain today, I would have just set all the dishes outside and let the rain do the work instead of me splashing them down with the hose. So what if the neighbors think I am nuts, I got my dishes done.

Do you like watching people fail? I don't mean in a sick sense where you are rooting them on to fail. I mean just watching someone, knowing that no matter what you say or do, it will not have an influence on the train wreck that is about to happen, so all you can do is watch with morbid fascination as they crash and burn. Face it. That is why reality TV is so popular.

During football season, it was watching this fat, retarded looking beast that looked like a koala wobble up to get plate after plate of food. We even started pools on how many trips she would make. It wasn't a pretty sight. But you couldn't help but watch this person disgrace themself.

Lately, my morbid fascination has been watching Poker Morgue Mountain destroy themselves. Being a person who has been known to enjoy a good game of Hold Em, I have played on a number of sites online. Never have I run into so many problems than at PM. It is terrible. Ever since they launched they had nothing but problems, especially in their multi table tournaments. Game play would abruptly stop on some tables, the site would crash, people couldn't fold their cards, a player who just busted out was dealt in. Things that only happen after you invest an hour of your time in the game and are doing well.

Those problems may have led a lot of players, if they had many to begin with, to leave. I did. I didn't trust the site so I pulled my money out. However, I would log in every couple of days just to see what, if anything was going on. I noticed they were still advertising a tournament that was over 2 months ago. That ain't good. Worse yet, there was never anyone playing for real money. No rake = no revenue. There would be 20 or 30 people logged in all playing for nothing. Pitiful.

So I was surprised the other day when I received an email informing me that they have their MTTs back up and running. They would have a series of freerolls for all their *ahem* "faithful" players. Seeing how I was already watching this flower shrivel up and die, and the fact I cannot pass on a freeroll, I signed up to play all 5.

The first one was last night. You can read about it here in greater detail. I was surprised to see that there was over 350 logged into the site. However, there were only 8 playing for real cash. Yep, 2% of your players were generating revenue. The other 98% were there for a freeroll. Of course, the freeroll tourney crashed. It was like playing a slow game of 52 card pickup for an hour. They rewarded us by giving every $2. That makes me a winner!

I still think they will not last long. They are on the respirator as it is. Only one of their pros (TJ Cloutier) was playing. I guess the other turned his back already. So it is with morbid fascination that I watch this site curl up and pass on. I can hear it now.






James Wigderson said...

It's because you had a bad experience with their product. It's kinda like the restaurant that gives you bad service or the bar that refuses to clean their taps. You watch the crowd dwindle to nothing night after night until there's a fire and you think, good riddance.

April H. said...

I could never get past the download stage on Poker Mountain so I've never been on the actual site. I finally gave up and deleted everything from my computer. I have no desire to try them again.

All Things Dave said...

Best poker sites IMHO:

1) PokerStars
2) PokerRoom
3) Gaming Club.

Gaming club is great if you like to enter a lot of tournaments with a cheap buy-in.

Good luck at the tables.

P.S. Looking forward to hearing about drinking and playing poker in Vegas.