Friday, May 20, 2005

My pants are too tight

Wearing jeans to work on a Friday is a good thing. However, when you grab that last pair of clean jeans just to realize it is the regular fit kind (I like the loose fit, more room), you kinda lose the whole point.

Simply put, I feel like my boys are being pushed up to my lungs. Who the hell wears jeans like this anyway? You always need some breathing room for the guys so who the hell designed these things? Makes me want to go out and get a new pair during lunch. That or walk around in my shorts. How I wish I had a private office on a day like this.

I discovered someone taking me seriously the other day. Days later there is this comment:

Anonymous said...
I don't think the governor can veto a city ordinance you brainstem. try a little civics 101.

Well, I can track down who anonymous is. Someone that goes to UWM. I think I may know the person via Badger Poker. Need I say more? Of course the governor cannot veto a city ordinance. It is called sarcasm.

sar·casm(särkzm) A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound.

Then again, you probably voted for him. What did you get out of it, lies and a higher tuition. Nice.

Plus, is being called a "brainstem" that bad? The brain stem (can be one word or two, I prefer two) serves a vital purpose connecting the spinal cord to the forebrain and cerebrum. I guess Mr. UWM is actually complimenting me on my service to the community via this blog.

You may buy me a beer.

Speaking of beer, who else could use one? I am sure it would help untighten my pants.

Speaking of no pants, it is less than two weeks from Vegas. I will post the obligatory"what I am looking forward to in Vegas" post next week. Right now I need to focus on work.

Yeah right. I have something else that is bothering me. One of the crappy local radio stations is offering a prize package that includes a years supply of Lite beer. The link on the site does not work so I cannot find out what their definition of a "years supply". I heard of a "years supply" of gas being defined as so many miles the other day (which wouldn't quite be a year for me). But what is that quantity. It would differ for so many people. I would have to think it would be at least a case a week, if not a bit more. If you had that infinite amount of drink, wouldn't you drink more? Thus, the intake of beer would increase thus increasing the value of the prize. Think of the parties you could throw. You should be allowed to give the beer away. It is your supply.

Ok, I must work. Why do I think I am going to the bar for a burger for lunch now?

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Aleta said...

You go Brain Stem!!!!!!