Sunday, May 29, 2005

One year later....

One year ago, I embarked on this journey of alcohol induced silliness. Today is the first anniversary of While Drinking, I...

So Happy Birthday, anniversary, Blogday, Year On, whatever it exactly might be, to me!

I have no clue how many posts there were. The "counter" on the dashboard stopped at 166. The profile shows 213 but I know it is more. How many? Someone could go and count if they want. I have typed close to 100,000 words. Just over 98,00 to be exact. Of those, maybe 10,000 were of substance or useful. Maybe. I even invented some new words along the way. Most importantly, I have given back to the community with some much needed advice columns. I will try to get those posts separated and linked to the side.

Scarily enough, I have inspired not one, not two, but three people to start their own blogs. What the hell are they thinking? Must be the "if StB can do it, I sure can too" attitude.

I even started a separate blog, Beer City Poker, just for my attempts at poker playing. You can go read how I just made $800 in a tourney.

Bet yet, is some of the people I have met online, and will get to meet in person in less than a week. Vegas should be more than a blast. All possible because of this.

So in honor of this celebration, go out to your favorite watering hole, belly up to the bar, and raise a toast While Drinking. Tell the bartender to put it on my tab. Drinks are on me!


All Things Dave said...

Congratulations and "Happy Anniversary".

Your blog is always great reading.

Aleta said...

Happy Blogaversary!! Thanks for keeping me entertained for a year..