Sunday, May 29, 2005

How to celebrate one year doing this.

Does everyone celebrate a year of blogging by making good coin? I hope so. Here is an outline of what I did yesterday.

Woke up around 6:30. Toss cat off bed for purring too loud. Lay around for 40 minutes. Get ass out of bed. Make coffee and get paper

Log into PokerRoom. Sign up for freeroll and lucky dollar. Suck at both, getting knocked out within first 20 minutes in each.

Log into Noble Poker. Why? I don't know exactly but play satellite to $10,000 guaranteed freezeout. Play like crap but win.

Make mental note to be home at 4pm.

Watch WPT on DVR. Find it funny how the guy had a nice lead, didn't necessarily blow it ( the Grinder played well) and yet still won. He was more deserving though the crowd was annoying. I thought it was very disrespectful to the 3rd place finisher.

Watched Deadwood. Don't have the last episode. Pissed off. Maybe HBO will show it again?

Took a shower and headed to the bar to watch the Indy 500. Got into the pool and knew I was done when I got French drivers.

Drank a lot of beer. I think 5 32oz cups. Ate some ham sandwiches with a healthy dose of horseradish. Good stuff.

Got home at 3:50 to play poker. Just about begin to cry at 3:51 when I see I have no beer in the house. Do I have time to go to the liquor store. No. I sulk in front of the pc.

Played poker for 3 and a half hours. Came in 2nd. Made 2k. Yep, $2000.00

Was giddy like a school girl at some loser boy band concert. Went out to meet people at church festival. Drinking for Jesus has begun. Band is solid. Light Up is very good.

Get buzz back up. Refuse to see gay band at other festival. Come home.

Make wings. Eat, but sad I don't have beer.

Still happy about big win. Need to get into Event #2 at WSOP. Can't register online. Hopefully, can register day of event, but there is a chance I cannot. Given the opportunity, I will play in the $1500 buy in on Friday.

Log on to Noble to make sure I did win. See huge balance sitting in my account. Still happy. Hoping I can get into the WSOP event. Must take advantage of situation.

Go to sleep.

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Human Head said...

Holy Shit, dude! Nice Job!