Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Save your time today

There is nothing worthy to read here.

Really, there isn't.

Yesterday was a rather boring day. I already gave you the highlights (nachose for a buck fifty). There is nothing after that.

Waded through the rest of the day at work. Did very little- which seems to be the norm now. Went home, worked out, sent thank you letter, made dinner (beer brats), played poker (boring game in which I came in 24th but probably played 10 hands total), watched the Amazing Race (finally the old bat is gone), read and slept.

Nothing exciting in there. I could rant about how the show Airline convinces me every time I watch to never fly Southwest. Don't care how cheap they claim their tickets are (which they aren't for someone in Milwaukee. Considering the cost for travel and parking to/in Chicago, you can fly Midwest and still be better off), I would not risk missing a vacation/business meeting/anything because they can AND WILL, yank you off a plane for no reason. I already mention how they are against those of us who care for a few cocktails before boarding. Yet, I saw them give some booze to a lady they hassled because it was her birthday. WTF? Are you pro booze or anti booze? Just when I thought they may be allright after the liquor giveaway, I see this. They yank a guy off the plane because they needed to get 2 of their own employees to that destination. First guy they tried to deny boarding simply said he was on military orders and needed to get on the plane. They don't question that and let him on (maybe I will try that in the future). So they go and pull someone from the plane because he was one of the last to check in. Doesn't matter that he will miss his vacation that he just plunked down 2k for. Doesn't matter that his wife and family are still on the plane. They want to get their employees to the destination instead. So much for satisfying the client.

Man that show just pisses me off. Yet, I cannot stop watching it.


James Wigderson said...

You would feel pretty low if you tried the "on orders" bit. Your conscience would bother you the whole flight. Besides, if they bump you and put you on another airline, you can have a few drinks before you go!

J. Gambino said...

I think we should save up some $, buy a cheap ass ticket somwhere, get absolutely polluted and see if we can avoid being refused boarding. It could be like a contest. Whoever wins, gets to go to Cleveland, or some other town where it costs $2.00 to fly to. Of course even the losers win, because they don't have to go to Cleveland. But then we have spent so little on the ticket, we could just stumble away from the agents and say "whatever, I am going back home."

Anonymous said...

couple of asides: my parents divorced when i was young; as part of the settlement, i traveled back and forth between New Orleans and Houston every two weeks for visitation (for 6 years!) my parents, in an effort to save money, sent me on SWA b/c they were cheap. this was in the 70s and i was a wee lad, but i fully remember the attendants and their "hot shorts". all red blooded young boys should grow up with this image. ;-)

2ndly, when preparing to graduate college and enter the information technology fray, i interviewed with SWA. they told a story about their commitment to the customer and how they were "crazy" in the early days. one of the stories involved free bottles of Chivas. search the linked page for Chivas:

guess they used to be for alcohol....

and yeah, we TiVo all the Airline shows and cannot get over how flippent they are about overselling flights by a trillion seats or pulling people off planes. airline travel in the 21st century is no better than Greyhound with wings.


All Things Dave said...

I would like to add to j. gambino's idea. Get totally wasted, splash some gin on like aftershave, rent some airplane pilot uniforms and then try to board the plane. See what the passengers think!