Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Shiny shoes

I spent about 10 minutes cleaning up my shoes for an interview this morning. The shoes looks pretty shiny when I was done. If only it were a sunny day, I could sidle up to a pretty girl on the corner wearing a skirt. Smile, glance down for her smile.

Yeah, I am perv. Sue me.

Instead it is cloudy and cold in downtown Milwaukee. I had a good idea where the building was but wasn't exactly sure which one it was. Doesn't help that Wisconsin Ave is ripped up in front of the building. So I circled the block looking for a place to park and to kill some time. I wanted to be early but not too early.

Got a nice spot right around the corner. Walked to the front door only to see a sign among the construction. "Enter through loading dock". Uh, ok. I walk to the back, up a loading dock and it the back door. The people working in the mail room look at me, undisturbed. I walk around the corner and find the bank of elevators. I am curious about the little shop inside selling newspapers, soda, etc. I am even more intrigued when I notice the sign as I leave.

Nachos $1.50

If I get a job there, I could possibly enjoy the Tuesday nacho special on a weekly basis! There is a job perk you don't hear about enough.

Otherwise things went well. I learned of different aspects of the position that were quite appealing. Funny thing is, it is a company that I had previously worked for before, in different unit. That make a legacy. They have to hire me. If Dorfman can get into Delta, then I can get back into there.

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