Monday, June 20, 2005

I wasn't struck down by lightening

And the holy water didn't burn.

After a night of Drinking for Jesus, it would only seem fitting that I would sit through a mass for festival workers and drunks. Somehow it seemed like the right to do.

Maybe it was because I wanted to get away from the cheap rum and Coke at the booze booth.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any uglier at a church festival, it did. The carnies must have called up all their friends from the local trailer parks because there were some beasts walking around the church grounds. There were even a handful of "Is that a man or woman? No, can't be a woman. But it has breasts. Could be man breasts. I dunno. Is that a man or woman?" walking around just confusing us.

The band sucked. Why would a band call themselves "Cold Sweat"? Sounds like they need a shower. And a better band to boot. I don't know what radio station they had been listening to but the songs never seemed to use the correct notes as the original artist intended. If it wasn't for the friends around me, I would have been forced to listen more to the crap they were playing.

So St. Romans is done for another year. The Drinking for Jesus tour will move on.

Back to Vegas.

On Sunday, I woke up and got my sorry ass out of bed. I went down to the Tea House (the cafe in the Imperial) for food. Wasn't quite sure what I wanted but opted for their buffet at the last minute, mainly because there was no one waiting for an omelet and I was probably going that route anyways. The omelet itself was good, but the rest of the buffet kinda stunk. The sausages were barely warm, the bacon really greasy and the potatoes cold. Then when I went to get some beef at the end, the carver was no where to be seen.

I walked up to Vegas's newest shining star, the Wynn. One thing I noticed outside the place is the fake grass on the side of the building. Guess it is cheaper than killing real grass over and over in the sun. I walked in through the store area, past all the expensive merchandise that I have no interest in buying. My first point of interest is to check out the poker room. I meander around the perimeter of the casino floor until I get to the back and find it. Like the MGM, they have electronic waiting lists showing the games being spread and who is on what list. I stood there looking up trying to decide if I wanted to play and what level. In the end, I walked away. Didn't quite feel it in my blood.

So I played blackjack. Sat down at a table with 3 others. Two older guys with southern drawls appeared to be buddies were talking a bit about how tough the dealer was. The lady two spot over just played quietly. I asked if they minded if I get in mid shoe (one should always ask the players as they may have a hot shoe going and not want to jinx it). They didn't because it was a machine anyway. Machine? There was a shuffling machine but then the cards went right into the shoe. Over the next 20 minutes I went down slowly. One of the older guys left, complaining the dealer was just too tough. That always cracks me up. Blaming the person who puts the cards on the table. A machine shuffled them, a player cut them and she is to blame? 99% of the dealers in Vegas want to give that money out. They get better tips when you win.

I continued to play and got on a nice role. I think it was the bribes. Whenever I get a blackjack or need to change the pace of the game, I like to put some out for the dealer on the next hand. I always ask if they takes bribes. When I get a smile on their face, I know I will have some fun chatting with them even if some grumps bitch at the table.

After an hour, I decided to move on. Made some money and wanted to walk around a bit. The Wynn is nice. It seems to be summed up as the Bellagio Jr. Looks like the same color scheme. Flowers all around. The sports book looked nice with a lounge right next to it. Nothing too special in my mind.

Even the chips were rather boring. A "W" on them. With all the money you spent, you came up with boring chips.

I went down to TI after this. Wanted to get in some Pai Gow there. I always get plenty of drinks while playing at TI. I was quite disappointed to see that they had not only moved the Pai Gow tables, but they were packed. Damn! So instead I went to the Mirage to play poker.

Played 6/12 for a while and got my ass handed to me on a couple of hands. One guy managed to flop a set every time he had a pocket pair. At least he was a good player, better than some of the idiots that were there.

Ran into Easycure on my way out. He motioned towards an open seat at the 3/6 game but I was starving and wanted some prime rib. I went in to the cafe at the Mirage and ordered the prime rib dinner. First thing I notice is how surly my lesbian waitress was. No smile, no warm greeting, no offer for drinks. Pat the surly lesbian waitress gave me no friendly vibe whatsoever. The meal was good, but it stuck in my gut like a rock. It wiped me out. I went back to the Imperial to get in a poker game there, but only watched for a bit. My stomach was killing me now so I called it an early night around 11.

Probably would have been better off staying up and drinking beer to push it through my system as I slept like crap. Hopefully, Monday would be better to me, in gaming and in food.

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